Dealing With a Lazy Coworker.

Being that what really happens in during many recruitment processes in many different workplaces is that a vacant position presents itself, meanwhile the manager’s brother-in-law is not employed. While discussing general office matters at home with his wife, the manager passively mentions this position and boom, the woman takes over from there and before you can say jack, a copy of brother in-law’s just-revised CV is on both the manager’s and HR manager’s desk. Being that they mustn’t betray the trust that the company has bestowed on both of them, they take the trouble of advertising the very same position they already have a candidate for and actually interview innocent people who do not know what is actually taking place. If Mr. Brother-in-law plays an impressive game, in a few months he’ll be on a desk in the office, irrespective of if he actually studied Yoruba or French. Heaven help you if this guy turns out to be your team partner and more so if he is a lazy lad.
I have discussed below a few tips in dealing with a lazy coworker.
1. Never forget that you are paid to do your job. You took employment in the first place to get the job done, so if every time your boss asks for results from you as regards deadlines you are supposed to meet and you are always telling stories and giving excuses how that Mr. brother-in-law’s laziness has hindered you from delivering, then you are on your own. Don’t forget that you have been there before him and already know the company cultures and values; you are paid to do the job, and it will pay you to do it irrespective of whether Mr. Lazy Co-worker is complying or not.
2. Leave the advising for his parents to do. Morning, Noon, night, you are busy dishing out advice to a young man who’ll begin watching movies immediately you finish with your coaching session; the truth is that the workplace is no family house, so let his parents do the advising. Mind your business and continue with your job.

3. Be careful, you don’t know who’s who. I once worked in a firm where misbehaviour are graded and any action interpreted as unwillingness to assist customers automatically results in outright sack. On one occasion, three people were flagged, eventually one was sacked and the other two were spared. You can’t put both yourself, your job and by extension your family under unwarranted duress because a co-worker has chosen to be lax about his responsibilities and because the management has turned a blind eye to it, you think they’d do same for you; you might get yourself fired faster than you can say jack.

4. Delegate responsibility but don’t expect results. When a man develops such mature sense of entitling that he believes that no matter what happens, his job still belongs to him, then you must be careful while dealing with him, else you begin to think in the same direction. While you must give him responsibilities, you must not relax and hope he does it so when the boss calls you for feedback you’ll have something to show for it.

5. Tell the boss when you can’t handle it anymore. If this guy does not deliver on targets that you two are supposed to work on together and you have tried talking to him with no results, then it is high time you talked to the boss; but this must be as a matter of last resort; else you’d be breeding bitter enmity that’d be reared big enough to strike back at you someday. When you eventually do, make sure you have enough evidence lest you’d be accused of laying unfounded accusations on a fellow coworker.

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