Does a man in whose backyard is buried thousands of tons of uncut diamond have any business with poverty? Does man who the very farmland on which he labors from dusk to dawn is blessed with enough natural resources to feed the entire an entire state have anything to do with lack?

I am ashamed of Nollywood’, ‘Those guys are not in touch with reality’ and so much more were some of the comments inspired by the deep-seated cynism both Nigerians and foreigners alike responded with when it came to their opinion on Nollywood movies. But when Jason Njoku watched those Nollywood home videos, he saw an opportunity. He saw an industry that employs over 200,000 people and one of the most successful movie industries in the world, so he began looking for avenues to tap into it. It didn’t take long before he gave the world IROKOTV, a multimillion-Dollar empire that provided an online platform on which Nollywood movies are made available to the world, thereby making his purse fatter in exponential proportions.

Out there in the nooks and crannies, mountains and valleys of everyday life are ordinary people who have dared to see beyond the present into the vast horizon of opportunities which many people have passed by in their very pursuit of success, utilized them and have become successful.
Each and every other day, we have opportunities stare us in the very face, just for us to look it in the eye and go our way without any sign of recognition but we still continue to complain that there are no opportunities. You think you have no opportunity? Helen Keller had not a fifth of what you have right now.
Helen was a child everybody would easily have considered not only as grossly unfortunate but dismissed with the wave of a careless hand without a second thought to her second-to-none chance of amounting to anything at all, for she became deaf and blind while an infant; how do you convince a child that is both deaf and blind that she can amount to something in life? How do you tell her that others who can see and hear are not better than she?
This was in the late 1980’s when medical science was more or less still in its infancy. If she were just blind, then her other faculties would have been harnessed in her learning process but she was blind also and had even more challenges in controlling her emotions. With the help of Anne Sullivan, she began learning to pronounce words again.

In the very situation which everyone thought to be her demotivating factor, Keller saw her opportunity to make a difference, an opportunity to rise above her nothingness and become somebody. She continued working hard until she became the first deaf and blind to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, Helen authored over 12 books to become a world-famous speaker and author, and did many deeds of bravery that men of stature could not have achieved in three lifetimes. Helen had many excuses for which to go through life low-spirited bemoaning a fate that is not fair, but she believed and worked hard until she made her life count tremendously.

Today in our country today, the population stands at a staggering 170 million and experts tell us how these figures are expected to double in the next couple of decades. What opportunities do you see when you look at the faces of these people, many of who rush off in morning and come back home tired at night? If you are not seeing one now, you may have to look harder.

It was Robert Kiyosaki that submitted that that to become successful, that money is not the most important thing we need. It doesn’t matter how poor you may be or how humble a background you may be coming from; show me a young man whose eyes are keen at seeing opportunities from afar off before others can sense it, whose business acumen is mature enough to transform those into multimillion Naira investment and I will show you a business mogul who will go places.

It was Colonel Sanders who saw opportunity in a chicken recipe he made and felt ever fast-food operator would like to be a part of. This wasn’t something that happened every Friday evening. Without much money, this once homeless man who had to live in his car soon began going door-to-door, hoping he would find someone who’d believe in his dream or even patronize him and that was when the rejection began pouring in. After the rejections had cleared out and sales began and a few decades later, he had become a billionaire.

So go out there, open your eyes, see opportunities and utilize them. You may not have anything now, nobody may know you or want to help, but keep on keeping on. One day, those dreams will shines brighter than the sun and like Sanders, you’d be celebrated; people that have raw uncut diamonds in their possession has nothing to do with lack.

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