Tips to Becoming Indispensable in the Workplace

With the workplace becoming more and more productivity driven and lesser guarantee that people can keep their jobs, especially when more and far younger better-qualified graduates would gladly offer twice the productivity you presently offer at half your current pay.

It has become an invaluable concept to become indispensable in a workplace. Although becoming indispensable in a workplace does not necessarily mean that the company cannot do without you (in reality, the company can do without almost anybody) but basically that your contributions are so felt by the department in which you work that without you, productivity and results will be affected. It can also mean that you are the man everyone runs to when the going gets tough; the man everyone knows can handle the tough projects without failing the company or cringing under his workload no matter how demanding it may get.

Becoming indispensable not only makes your job relatively secure, blotting out the fear of being laid off tomorrow, it also puts you in the best position for a promotion. Here are a few tips that will help you become significant and strategic in your workplace.

1. Master the Right Skills to a Fault.

If for example you work in a firm that majors in graphic designs, master the necessary software so much so that when you produce your work among your colleagues, it will stand out. If it means taking professional courses, or practicing to improve on your own constantly, just do it but be the guy who everybody runs to when they need the job done without stories or when things get difficult.

2. Be Confident Enough to Take on Hard Tasks.

In these days many employees try to do as little as they can, and would not venture into anything more creatively difficult or different from the daily routine they face every day, be different and dont be afraid to take on hard tasks. If you fail, you’ll learn and move on. People that carry on in the workplace doing as little as possible don’t make any much headway; even when by some chance they becomes bosses, their inefficiencies keeps frustrating and exposing them.


Add Value to Mr. Employer’s Time.

Come to work early and leave at the right time; do not be found in the league of those that do not value Mr. Employer’s time (except of course you work in a government-owned establishment), those people never go far. Many times we are tempted to think that it doesn’t matter, but the truth is, when eventually Mr. Employer begins to use words like ‘downsizing’ ‘rightsizing’ and the rest of them, we all know that the axe will first land on the heads of those who have been found to have no respect for Mr. Employer’s time.


Be Willing to Go the Extra Mile.

When work is given to you the first time and it is completed with exceptional brilliance and care your superiors take note. If this happens the first time, second, third and fourth time, when it comes to any such related matter, you’d be sure that the boss will come running to you. Don’t look at others who can put anything together and submit; add the kind of finesse that will make everyone know you are the man for the job.


Have a Good Rapport with Everyone (if possible).

The quality of job you deliver has a lot to do with how relevant you may be in a workplace. Many skilled people have little much impact in their workplace because of their attitude to other employees. Relate well, offer a few handshakes here and there, wear a smile, socialize a little, crack a few jokes here and there but most of all, keep doing exceptional work.

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