Essential tips for increased Google AdSense success

AdSense is just one among the thousand genuine and legal means through which bloggers, webmasters, website owners can use to monetise their website and make money by placing adverts and when visitors clicks on those adverts, you get paid some percentage of the share depending on the amount of clicks you get before the end of the month. Google AdSense is owned by Google and its one of the top PPC (pay per click) advert. It functions by displaying adverts on blogs and websites that have signed up to display such adverts provided by Google. Adverts are always from advertisers that paid Google to show its products or brands.

To make your website or blog get approval from Google AdSense, here are some essential tips you need to put in place.


Google AdSense policies guidelines stated that as an Ad- Sense publisher you need to create an about page which is writing about yourself and your brand like: Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition and a Site Map.

All these are necessary for you to get approved into the AdSense program. Nobody will like to do business with a faceless person, website or blog and also having a policy page makes Google feel safe to know their adverts are safe on your site.


Create your own blog or website using blogger, word press or purchase a domain, It is preferred to have a .COM. Never apply for Google AdSense with a sub-domain names because AdSense will never approve your application, you must have to apply with a Top Level Domain (TLD) like: instead


Never try to copy and paste contents from other blogs or websites because Google will know and that will lead to your account not getting approved. Make sure your contents is original and unique, once you have written about 50 to 100 unique posts, you can then apply for AdSense.


You should fi rst work to improve your blog traffi c before applying for Google AdSense, make sure your blog receive a decent amount of traffi c from search engine like: Google. Submit your website page URL to popular search engines.


Google webmaster tool helps you verify you own your blog or website and get it quickly indexed on Google search engine.

This would help you get traffic from Google search engine which is necessary to even make money from Google AdSense.


Always try to take your list of keywords and search the “Overture Search Inventory” or “Google Ad Words Sandbox” to fi nd out if any other words could be doing a better job than those you are currently using. Try to keep your website focused on the things that appear mostly in the keyword suggestions you receive. Include those keywords, or at least some related keywords, as often as you can in the various links and content on your website because of the way AdSense works; this is an excellent way to increase your earnings because you will get better adverts in your AdSense units and banners.


Create your account with Google Analytics and Google webmasters and Link your website with both the accounts. You must submit your accurate information including contact number, full address and postal addresses. You must check your forum at least twice to avoid the errors. Once you have put into consideration those tips mentioned above, then you can now apply for AdSense while you await a positive response.

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