5 New Workplace Etiquette You Should Know.

The workplace has changed a whole lot lately; from CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg (I wouldn’t imagine that there’s any living being on earth that doesn’t know him) wearing T-shirt to work or Google employees riding unicycles from office to office.

Ordinarily, we would argue that that is in faraway United States, but globalization is blowing many developments our way. We all remember like it was yesterday when employees were being sacked for being caught using social media at work, but today people are being hired for the sole purpose of managing companies’ online presence.

Technological revolutions that birthed gadgets like i-phones, blackberry and enterprise solution have so blurred the lines between work hours and overtime, as mails fly in every minute and you are often required to attend to these on the go, not to mention enterprise solution that virtually keeps both your workstation and workplace with you wherever you go. As all of these happen at the same time, the gap between informality and formality keep widening at a pace we often don’t seem to know where the boundaries are anymore. Below are a few points I have expatiated on, to help you keep within the right boundaries in the workplace.

1. Except the Boss Wears Jeans to Work, Don’t.

You may be lucky to find yourself in an office environment where dressing is basically semi-formal. Usually this kind of workplace is rid of that you-must-look-serious kind of tension and being that most times it is usually filled with youngsters, productivity is very high but there is a caveat to it.

Don’t wear faded jeans and T-shirt to work except of course the boss does. Even if you’ll wear jeans, make it look professional by say, wearing a blazers along with a shirt with a collar. On no occasion should you be caught dead in the office dressed as the house boy.

2. If You are the Boss, Don’t Send E-mails at 11 PM.

I know you are very active and want to be on top of your game, but your subordinates have not willed the remainder of their lives to you, so be considerate. If at 11 PM, your brain started working at supersonic proportions, and ideas start flowing in, open a blank Microsoft office document and write it down, if you must e-mail it, wait till 8 o’clock the next morning.

3. Don’t Call a Colleague in the Middle of the Night.

Some colleagues can really be annoying. They can call you in the middle of the night to find out the name of a particular client. What nonsense. If you can’t wait till tomorrow to find it, then maybe you can call the client in question, but do not disturb your colleagues in the middle of the night with unwarranted calls.

4. If the Drink in the Office Refrigerator Isn’t Yours, Don’t Touch It.

‘’Janet! Janet!! Janet!!! Why did you take the drink I kept in the refrigerator, is it your own? You always do this, what is your problem…’’

By now you would have covered your face in shame. Heaven help you if the boss is listening. For goodness sake, if you did not put anything in the refrigerator, please don’t touch it; it is better not to destroy the serenity and friendliness of the workplace with a careless attitude that will end in unwarranted potential confrontation.

5. Keep the mails official.

If you must send a mail from the office, then it must be in a formal format. Don’t ever be caught sending e-mails that look like text messages addressed to a college colleague. That’s a no no; use formal word and format and when eventually send one, make sure the content is not something you’ll be ashamed of when your boss reads it to you in front of everyone.

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