5 Signs You Need a New Job

Being on somebody else’s pay list is no easy task. Many times employers will apply every necessary formula in wrenching value out of the every single kobo they pay you, especially when as it were, you need the job to pay the bills. Some jobs can demand so much putting the employee often on the risk of burning out on the job while the bills may be mounting. There are times when the job you are doing may no longer be worth it. Here below are some of the signs you really need a new job.

1. Coffee doesn’t work anymore.

If while trying to keep up with your already heavyweight workload you have worked up your system so hard that no matter how much coffee you consume to stay awake and continue with the work, it doesn’t have any effect on sleep anymore, then you may have to begin applying again before the workload leaves you a complete nervous wreck in a hospital, except of course you are the group managing director of a large multinational (in which case it is obvious that you are obviously not delegating right) lest you end up in the league of them that check their blood pressure every morning.

2. You start answering the phone with “Why can’t you people leave me alone!!”

That sounds like someone who has already begun to dislike the demands of the position he holds. If it has got to that point where you now have the boldness to start taking a call with a livid “Why can’t you people leave me alone!!’’, then someone had better told you to start applying for jobs again before you get yourself sacked and your reputation ruined.

3. When you wake up each morning, feeling like you fought an elephant at night.

If you wake up each morning fatigued and rubbing your red eye because you slept late last night after closing very late then I guess it is time to start looking elsewhere. Yes, you need the job to pay the bills but hey except the firm belongs to you, you may have to start looking out for other opportunities elsewhere; no matter how much you earn, you need your health in top shape and you cannot keep denying your body adequate rest.

4. When delegating duties doesn’t change anything.

A lot of times, one way to keep sane on the job is to delegate responsibilities and attend to the more weightier ones ourselves, but many times, the workload becomes so much that the guy you want to give some to already has his hands more than full and is losing sleep to keep up with it. On the other hand you have even more responsibilities and oftentimes far more pressure from above. If it has come to this and is beginning to look like psychologically your strength is going down, then your guess is as good as mine, you need a new job.

5. When the benefits are no longer worth the time value.

It is true that people get employed and get their benefits paid but in reality, people are getting paid for both the time and the productivity they contribute to an establishment. Many times, people are persuaded to stay based on the returns they get and when those are not at par with the value they have for themselves and the work they do, ultimately, the purpose for staying employed at a particular place seems defeated. So if you really think you are underemployed, then I think it’s high time you looked elsewhere.

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