Surviving in the Labor Market Without a Degree?

It may happen to anybody that somehow they end up in the labor market without a degree. There is no problem with that, thanks to the global labor market paradigm that has shifted emphasis from certificate to ability to deliver on the job. With an estimated fifty percent of jobs the world over not tagged to a particular discipline, many people find themselves in jobs they studied nothing related to. Here are a few things you must understand if that’s the route you are taking.

1. If you must take this route, you must be good at what you do.

If you have no degree and you want to get a job, the only test that may be applicable is the practical test of what you can actually do. If you are a graphic designer for example, by the time your prospective employer sits you down in front of a monitor, he will not expect anything but excellence from you if must be hired except of course you are coming in as an apprentice which in itself is not a bad idea. So you cannot afford to appear in the labor market without a degree and still not be good at what you do.

2. You are on your own.

If you have no degree and are hoping to be employed in the labor market, it is solely your responsibility to develop yourself. Knowing full well that there are limited spaces available and employers want only the best they can lay their hands on.

3. See if you’ll take some courses.

Being good in what you do oftentimes lands you the job but if you really want to keep moving or advance past staying just in one position all your life to a situation where you qualify to have bigger responsibilities committed to your care, then you may have to take some professional courses. If for example you are a welder and you eyeing a position with Shell (SPDC), then you may begin taking professional courses tailored for welders. That way, you’ll reposition yourself strategically for higher opportunities.

4. Entrepreneurship is a viable route.

If you have no degree and are ambitious, one attractive route you may consider taking is the business way. Inasmuch as you are young, ambitious and disciplined, being in business for yourself can be very rewarding especially if you have the capital to start with. If you find yourself towing this path, you may want to take some management courses that ‘ll give you insight into customer care, business finance, brand management and other basic things you need to get the business flying.

5. Not every job opening is for you.

Ruthless as this may sound, to put it bluntly, not every job is for you. If you do not have a degree, it’s not possible that you’d be employed to lecture or fly a plane; it is not for you except of course you are planning on heading back to college to start again, which I seriously doubt, so look for opportunities in fields like graphic designing, computer related fields, photography, entrepreneurship, and the likes.

6. You’ll need a big heart.

To succeed, you’ll need a big heart, irrespective of whether you have a degree or not. Truth is, not everyone that wields a college degree is successful and not everyone that appears without a degree in the job market is unsuccessful or poor; so it goes beyond the paper qualification to personal unwavering determination to excel in a world where you are not recognized until you have financially arrived.

7. You can still get that degree.

The mere fact that somehow you have ended up in a heartless labor market without a degree does not mean that you it’s over for you. Your being without a degree may be your fault, but hey they still offer admission in universities and they didn’t say you shouldn’t apply. So if you have the means and motive, go back to college and get that degree; those that have them are not better or smarter than you are.

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