Searching While Still Employed? How to Find and Search for New Jobs Without Getting Fired From Your Current Work

Searching for gainful employment while still on someone’s pay list can often be a daunting task, especially if your current employer is the type that both demands and ensures that every second from the time you clock in to the moment you clock out is useful to him.

With many employees thinking that they are underemployed and many others looking for career fulfillment, more and more people have not quit scouring the internet for openings they can put in for. I have explained below a few rules you may have to abide by if you are searching and still employed, so you don’t crash and burn.

1. Have a profile on LinkedIn.

You cannot afford to be a 21st century employee and not have a 100 percent complete LinkedIn profile. It is almost becoming like a certificate or sort. Your potential employer needs to know the professional relationship you have, how others look at you professionally, who recognizes you professionally and the likes. It should never be heard that in this age you showed up in the labor market without a complete LinkedIn profile.

2. Do You Have a Career Profile on Ngcareers?

As a forward looking individual you can take advantage of having your complete work profile on Nigeria’s top career site; Having a searchable profile on Ngcareers opens you up to possible opportunities from employers and recruiters who search the platform for candidates that match their requirements.

With your Ngcareers profile you will easily get updates on new opportunities tailored according to the preferences you select. Being on Ngcareers makes it easier for you to do your passive job search effectively as you only need respond to any opportunity by simply forwarding your resume by the click of a button.

2. Always ask for a reschedule when the interview is not convenient.

Do not at any time forget that you have the right to ask the interviewer to reschedule (he knows you are working and cannot show up anytime he beckons on you), so if it is not convenient, ask him or her to have you rescheduled. Don’t be the guy who often shows up at work three times in a week just because you go about attending interviews, well except of course you have quit the job. So don’t mess up your reputation in the process ‘cause you may end up getting yourself fired.

3. Never use your colleague as referee.

If you are employed and are looking out for better opportunities, it may not be to your interest to use a colleague in the office as referee. That means that your prospective employers will call him or her and if she couldn’t hold her tongue after the conversation, you may get into trouble with your current employers when you are not even yet sure that the new application will get through.

4. Don’t lose focus.

I have found myself in a position where I committed this same blunder. I had applied for something fulfilling and was invited for an interview. It’s an interview I had waited ages for and now it was here. I was working in Abuja and went for the interview in Port- Harcourt. I had applied for leave and was given just two days or so, being that it was what I wanted and wasn’t backing off, I spent extra two days outside of the leave in a firm where you are outrightly dismissed on the third day if you didn’t show up for work without any tangible admissible and verifiable reason. You’d think I nailed the interview but I didn’t; I had simply risked what I already had with something I was pursuing. So, look for job openings, apply for them, attend interviews but most of all keep focused on the job at hand.

5. It’s safer to use personal internet when searching.

Many times we are carried away with the unlimited internet access we have at work and tend to forget that our usage history is being tracked and that many companies are harsh enough to dismiss anyone, should they discover that they are dreaming to leave to firm for better opportunities.

6. Don’t badmouth your current employer.

What goes around they say, comes around. If you can badmouth your current employer (the one who still pays the bills) before an interviewer then you have given that interviewer every cause to believe that you’ll do the same to him when confronted by another interviewer and that goes a long way to show how that you are not the best candidate for the job. So be professional about that, we all know employers can be annoying at times but telling the interviewer how bad your employer has been and how he has done this and that to you is definitely not the way to go.

7. Make sure what you say and what your CV says are the same.

If you must appear before an interviewer, then what and who you say you are must be in tandem with what your CV says. Don’t be caught telling the interviewer that you quit your last job last month while he can see clearly from your CV that your last employer pays the bill till date. So count your words, say the truth and go to every interview with your A game and one day, you’d be working your dream job.

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