How to get that Job

To score big points and get the job of your dreams, you need to make the right impression during your interview.

Excelling at interviews
To do well in any interview, you need to achieve two main objectives:

Convince the interviewer you are technically qualified to do the job
demonstrate that you will fit in with the company’s organizational structure and integrate well into the working environment
The first part will depend on your answers to the questions posed, but the second part is sometimes more difficult to demonstrate. By following these tips, you should be able to impress any interviewer.

Dress professionally for the interview
Dress for success, unless specifically advised otherwise by the interviewer. On the day of the interview, leave home earlier than you think you need to. You could be delayed by traffic or some other reason.

Remember to smile and be courteous to all employees of the company, not just the people you expect to be assessing you. During the interview itself, be positive about yourself and your abilities, but remember to keep your answers concise and focused on responding specifically to the questions asked.

Present a professional image throughout the interview
Keep your body language positive and be sure to maintain comfortable eye contact with the interviewer. Strong perfume or large pieces of jewelry might distract your interviewer, so beware. You want the interviewer to remain focused on you and your answers and not anything else.

Look attentive, always
Do not slouch in your chair. Keep focused on the interviewer. Put your portfolio or purse discreetly on the floor, rather than in front of you, so as not to create a barrier. Always be truthful. Your body language, tone of voice, or the words you use will almost always give you away if you tell a lie.
Classic body language “giveaways” include scratching your nose and not looking directly at the interviewer as you talk.

Listen carefully to the questions
Make sure that you fully understand them before you try to answer. Do not be afraid to ask the interviewer to rephrase or repeat the question if you are unsure of what is being asked.

Where possible, provide clear and concise examples from your previous experience that will highlight your proven capability in performing job-related skills. Examples should focus primarily on the actions you performed to achieve the desired result, not on the scenario or the context of the example. By focusing your answers and highlighting your actions, you will allow the interviewer to evaluate your potential competencies against the required competencies for the position.

Ask questions
In addition to demonstrating your level of research into the company, this is your opportunity to gain valuable information about the role, environment and the company itself. Take the time to prepare a list of relevant questions.

Thank the interviewer at the end of the interview and ask for an estimate of how long the selection process will take. Let the interviewer know if you anticipate needing a response earlier, for example, if you are currently interviewing elsewhere and are expecting an imminent job offer. Communicate this gracefully and do your best to accommodate the prospective employer’s timeline.
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