Six Lies About Job Interviews You Thought Were True

Once we get invitation to attend interviews, many times our hearts begin to race and pound faster. ‘What questions will they ask?’ ‘Who knows how many people applied for this position’ ‘I hope more qualified people are not in the list of people to be interviewed’ and many more worries begin to trouble yearning-to-be-gainfully employed minds.

Many times, the very premise on which our worries are founded are simply baseless and untrue. When it comes to interviews, there are so many lies we have been told over and again, so much so that even in our subconscious we still identify with them. Below are a few of the many interview lies we have been told, even by professional career consultants.

1. The Guy with the Longest CV and Accomplishments Always Gets the Job.

We have heard that a thousand times but hey, it is not always the case. Many times, that guy with all the accomplishment doesn’t do more than put up an average interview performance. So when a guy with an average CV who has exhibited zeal and great enthusiasm in working for the company does a better job of convincing the interviewer to take side with him during an interview the interviewer tends to see talent in him which they believe they can harness. Many times, it is more about the personality than it is about certificates.

2. The Interviewer is Always Prepared and Ready.

Maybe this is the greatest interview lie we have ever believed. Many times, the interviewer is just another employee, who has been withdrawn from his own schedule and workload just to participate in the interview process and has not come with any already-made list of questions. Interviewees are always tempted to believe that the interviewer knows him and since he also knows much about the company and the position he is applying for, he will be in for a hard time of questioning. It is hardly ever the case. Many times, the only question he has at the back of his mind is ‘tell me about yourself’ and that question I believe offers a world of opportunity for anyone who wants to get hired.

3. You Must Not Explain Much.

Since the interviewer does not have already-made questions, it should play to your advantage. While trying to keep a balance between striking up a professional conversation and being on point it is your job to both convince the interviewer that you know enough to be hired and that you are enthusiastic about the job. He will definitely generate questions from the conversation. So in reality the interviewee is in charge.

4. If They Offered You Refreshment, Then You are Hired Already.

This one right here is a very big blatant lie. In an interview many people would have given an arm to be in, the host announced lunch break and a man who had performed very well, who everybody including other hopefuls thought has grabbed the job took and pocketd a few extra sticks of toothpicks. Not knowing that lunch was a part of the interview and that he was still being watched, he unwittingly walked out of a job that was almost practically his. So next time they offer refreshment, be careful how you handle it no matter at what stage of the interview or how well you have fared so far.

5. It’s All About What You Know.

Yes, interviews are about what you know sometimes and at other times, it is about how beautiful or handsome you are or how well you have packaged yourself. If you think it’s a lie, tell me someone in all the major television stations who has not scored a good beauty mark or someone in all the major banks especially in places like FCT or VI whose face scares you. So if you are beautiful, it is actually a plus and bless your soul if you have something upstairs.

6. Employers Like Tough Guys.

While you must try your best not to appear vulnerable (employers don’t like hiring vulnerable people) you must also not appear to be impossible or difficult. No one will like to hire an employee that will give them tough times. Yes, you may be talented but they don’t want people they would always argue and orally fight with before they will see from their perspective or get things done.

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