Old and Ignored In the Job Market? How To Cope as An Older Career Professional

With periodic shake-ups taking place in many firms in recent times many older people find themselves in a position where they are out of jobs. Seeing that youngsters are willing to learn any skill, ready to go the extra mile and still accept to go home with same pay without complaints, employers are willing to explore that avenue to the fullest, thereby making the chances of older jobless people very slim at getting at good job.

Many times, the reason why older people are without a job in the first place is because employers want to save costs and increase efficiency. So they lay off older, more experienced staffers and replace them with younger, more energetic, less arguing employees who many times do not have as much financial responsibilities as their older counterparts.

Even though no company would want to have its reputation and name dragged in the mud by openly admitting that it would only like to admit younger applicants, this is what they often do in reality. At other times, they claim that these older employees are often used to their former ways of doing things and therefore would be hard to be made to comply with newer, sleeker ways. But the excuse that they are too rigid for today’s business world is just another explanation too far from the truth. So if by any chance you find yourself in this position, here are a few tips to cope and actually succeed.

1. Be So Good At What You Do They Can’t Ignore You.

A wise say goes thus, the rejected cannot afford to reject himself. If you have applied for jobs in the very demanding job market and they chose to ignore you, then there’s no problem. Go back to the drawing board and sharpen your skills. Check for the most important skills in your industry and take a few short courses to pep up your CV. Since you already have a wealth of experience, you still stand a better chance than the fresher down the street and that way, you’ll not be ignored.

2. Pep up your CV.

Don’t make the mistake of going around with a CV that indicates that you are tired and are looking for a company to put you on their pay list so you can passively spend nine to four chilling on a couch under the ac; with a CV like that, no one, not even your grandma will hire you. Pep up your CV, if you need a professional to help you do that, go ahead and find one. Add all the little details from your previous employment records that suggest how good you are and the explicitly captures wealth of experience you have accumulated.

3. Go for Jobs Where Your True Worth Will Be Understood.

If you are older and much more experienced, then all jobs are not for you. You cannot afford to be competing with young fresh graduates over jobs that require no experience at all. Many international NGOs and multinationals prefer experienced people who will hit the ground running, so go for them.

4. Network.

There is no shortcut for networking. Talk to friends, former colleagues and loved ones. Let them know that you have no job and need one. Go for seminars, keep your eyes open, you never can tell where the next offer would come from.

5. Read All You Can.

It is argued these days that many ambitious twenty year old’s now know more than twice what their fifty years older counterparts knew in their entire lifetime thanks to the digital information age and are therefore open to new ideas and innovative ways of doing things. So don’t be left behind, read, read and update yourself on the modern ideas in your field and one day, age will be your advantage in the labor market.

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