Now You Have Graduated, What Next? Skills You Need to Succeed in the Labour Market

Towards college graduation there is always an attendant joy that finally, you’ll be leaving all that behind but at the same time, there is a fear lurking concealed in the corners of our mind regarding the career steps you have to take. For some graduates through a combination of several factors they land a job not long after graduation while others have to wait and wait.

At this point, the question ‘Now I have graduated what next?’ really begins to mutilate from just being a question to being translated into desperation and oftentimes frustration for many young graduates.

In reality, more than half of the time spent in the process of acquiring a degree is spent socializing and perambulating while the labor market is a far different kettle of fish. It often takes some time to readjust our mindset to these realities. Job seeking is serious business and should be treated as such.

First you need to understand that the job market has advanced past the era where you must work in the industry associated with the particular course you studied. Over fifty percent of the jobs out there do not specify a particular degree you must possess. So feel free to go out there and apply to as much openings as possible.

Subscribe to as much free jobs updates as possible and when the updates come, begin applying for the ones for which you stand reasonable chance. Don’t be scared when they say you must have certain number of years’ experience; apply if you have something a little close or likely to what the employer needs.

Having spent four, five or even six good years of your life under the supervision of no one and come out with a good grade it shows you possess enough maturity to handle certain tasks without unnecessary supervision.

If for your case this is not so you may have to make conscious effort to learn. This is a time to find out what exactly Mr. Employer needs and get ready.

Important Survival Skills for the Job Market

Irrespective of whether you studied rocket science or you studied German, there are certain skills that employers cannot simply ignore in the hiring process, many of which are not taught in schools.

Some of these skills according to GTI Media include:

Ability to work in a team: Although ability to work under little or no supervision is required, the ability to work well with others while pursuing a common goal stands out among employers’ requirements.

Leadership and management: Employers love candidates who can or have demonstrated leadership abilities. This skill makes you stand out tall.

Effective communication: Employers seek candidates who can listen to instructions and act on those instructions with minimal guidance. They want employees who speak, write, and listen effectively, organize their thoughts logically, and explain everything clearly.

Problem-solving skills: Employers always have an eye for people who whose innovative ideas and contributions save the company money and when they hear of any such accomplishment, they are easily attracted to you.

Diversity sensitivity: Being that the workplace is usually filled with people from diverse ethnicity, backgrounds, religion and values, every employer needs to understand that you can not only easily fit in but also tolerate other people before they can hire you.

Planning and organizing: Every employer expects that if you actually spent four years of your life without anyone supervising you, that you should be able to prioritize and know the right thing to do at every given point in time

Computer and technical literacy: Almost all jobs now require a degree of understanding, ranging from basic to advanced, of computer software, word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, and Internet navigation

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