Interview Danger Zones You Must Tread Carefully

In most recent times, job interviews especially when conducted for companies who have a good financial standing often take place in three stages with the third one being the most important as very personal and psychologically tasking questions are usually hauled at the often-unsuspecting candidate to ascertain his level of maturity and preparedness for the tasks ahead. Many of these sound plain enough but can be detrimental when wrongly attempted.

Below are a few of those.

1. How Much Do You Think You Deserve By Way Of Salary?

This one right here is a very tricky one, although when looked at from the surface, one will think that it to be nothing. It is at this point you will see two graduates of equal resourcefulness and value who graduated with the same class of degree being assigned pay grades and one’s pay grade will be often up to fifty thousand Naira above the other, simply because one knows his worth and the other does not. When faced with this question, you may have to consider a few things.

• How many people made it to this stage of the interview?
• What is the integrity of the company like?
• What is its financial strength like?
• How qualified you are as a person for the position.

When all these are put into perspective, you will be able to know where to land. But to be on the safer side, it is often better (especially in cases of already established firms) to answer this way: I would rather assume that there is a salary structure already in existence for this position.

If yes I will like to know what the figures are. That way, you’ll have the interviewer telling you how much they intend to pay you. At this point, if that’s okay with you, then you may accept the offer, but if this does not go down well with you, then this is where you tell him how much you believe you should be paid by way of salary and other benefits. But never be in a hurry to give or accept a figure except you are sure it is worth the value.

2. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

In as much as I am trying not to sound chauvinistic by any means, many ladies make the ‘lethal’ mistake of beginning their answers this way ‘In five years’ time, I should be married with two kids …’ We are glad you want to get married but this is an interview for goodness sake. Why don’t you try something like ‘In five years’ time, I see myself to have labored hard enough to become the manager of the most formidable team in this in this firm’ That sounds more like the candidate for the job.

3. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

There is a snare here. For many people, their pay slip still come from the table of their last employer. They only saw this vacancy and somehow felt that it is better than what they already have and decided to try it. First of all, make sure that the answer you give here is in tandem with what you have in your CV. Never be caught dead saying that you left your last job because it wasn’t fulfilling while your CV in the interviewer’s hand is saying that you are still employed till date. Another thing you must pay important attention to is the fact that many employers don’t like the impression that you jump from one job to another. Conducting interviews cost money and takes time that they would prefer to invest in other things and businesses.

4. Is There Any Anything You May Want To Know About?

While answers to this question has earned a lot of people their dream job, it has also deleted other people’s names from the final list. Many ladies would start out with questions like ‘Are you married’ what’s your business with his marital status in an interview?

Questions like ‘How was my performance in this interview’, ‘What skill exactly are you looking for in the ideal candidate for this job?’, ‘How many people made it to this stage of the interview process?’ are more like it. If you are the type that ask for BB pin after an interview, well except of course you don’t really need the job or you now sport a cast-iron confidence then you may ask such unwarranted questions.

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