Five Habits That Could Get You Fired at Work

Everyone has their bad side, yes we all do, but some of these tend to come in the way of our jobs. When they do they could pose thereby posing a real danger to the continuity of the positions we hold. Well, if you need to job to pay the bills, then you may have to pay close attention to these before they end up costing you your job.

1. Procrastination/Laziness.

Laziness is very subtle. Sample ten people randomly from a crowd and you will be amazed at where and what they are lazy about. It will manifest in so many ways, from delayed response to urgent e-mails which could cost the company revenue to lateness to work. Laziness also manifests in the inability to meet with important deadlines. Many times, responsibilities that have deadline attached are abandoned until the eleventh hour when the individual begins to rush and ends up with low quality work that would immediately pale when placed side-by-side with what competitors can produce.

2. Internet Addiction.

With the workplace being virtually hosted on our workstations, addiction to both our computers and internet is almost inevitable, especially for Gen-Y employees. So we tend to spend the whole day staring on our computer screen and typing away at the keyboard as if we really are doing any productive activity meanwhile we are busy checking updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It has been discovered that many employees spend up to four out of the eight-hour work day in unproductive activities that is of no use to their employers. When your employers get to know how much time you spend on social media platforms it could mean sanctions and even dismissal.

3. P*rn Addiction.

Many adults can’t do without p*rn. This may come as a shocker but many people can’t wait till they get home to catch a peek. While many do that without getting caught, others have forgotten that the computer administrators have everyone’s internet history and if the company has been looking for an opportunity to reduce staff strength, your name could be top on the list.

4. Being the Office Amebo.

Some people can’t just keep their mouth shut. If anything happened in the office, they are the ones to know. If there is any rumor flying, they have a hand in it, they just can’t stop gossiping. Employers are wary of those kinds of people. Your boss may not come out openly and tell you that you talk way too much, but when sensitive tasks come up, he will delegate it to people who he trusts can keep their mouth shut. So mind your business, your name is not Radio Nigeria.

5. The ‘It Doesn’t Matter Attitude’

Many of us believe we have so much experience that nothing moves us. I once worked in a firm filled with young people and because, the owners were very strict in the way they related with employees, many people would openly beat their chest many times in the presence of the supervisors and say ‘Who says I need this job? I don’t need this Job. In fact if I lose it today, I will even be happy’

For real? And you still go to work every day. You needed to see how one of them was crying and begging to be pardoned the day his carelessness resulted in his sack. You may not like the job, but if it still pays the bills, don’t be nonchalant about it.

If you are fed up with the job, resign but don’t mess up your track record for no just cause, for you don’t know where again you may need the reference of those same people you took for granted in getting a better job.

So come to work on time, do your job and do it well, don’t wait for the supervisor to be on your neck before you complete your tasks. Make a job of doing outstanding work and you’ll be glad you did.

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