How to Brand Yourself and Command a Higher Salary

Much of the earning power of top and senior career people do not derive from their superior knowledge but in fact from their greater brand power and significance. So if you are setting out to grow your career to a level where you earn a six figure income monthly you will have to start building up the right image now.

Start to act and perform like you are worth a six figure salary and that’s exactly what will start happening.

Here, briefly I list five ways to rebrand yourself and reposition for a greater paid job with more perks and influence.

1. Become an Industry Authority:

No matter what industry you are in you can build a bigger image of yourself by actively improving skills and knowledge (attend top quality workshops and symposiums) and become a thinker in your field.Don’t be scared of controversy and criticism because you will surley have that if you are to climb to the top of your industry. One way to gradually stamp your brand on your industry is to write a quality book that is not just paraphrasing another but proposes unique and daring ideas on an area of your industry. If your book sparks off a debate in your industry the better for you as the attention will only mean greater value attached to your name.

2. Start a Blog:

These days you can get more influence and clout quickly by joining the online conversation in your industry. Start a blog and try posting two to three times weekly discussing important issues in your industry and profeering real solutions to arising challenges. You never know but you just might one day get a call from the representative of a multinational to come join them as these companies are always on the lookout for thinkers and solution providers to drive their business operations further.

3. Network Effectively:

If you are on twitter find out the influential persons that matter in your industry and follow them. Connect with them on LinkedIn and make meaningful conversations and discussions.

Getting a Higher Salary though shouldn’t just be your aim. You should aim to become an industry authority and trusted voice through a combination of these strategies. Once you become distinct the opportunities will chase after you. You don’t just get mind blowing jobs with salary offers crossing the 6 figure line you also get the opportunities to consult, write and gain career fulfillment.

4. Eradicate Your Weaknesses, Improve on Your Strength:

Stamp out your underside and build up your areas of strength. The people at the top have weaknesses but they just do not appear visible to everyone. Their strengths are projected further and so dominate the weaknesses in their character or skill.

5. Dress the Part, Act the Part:

It is a usual saying that you are addressed the way you are dressed. To command a higher salary and draw greater respect dress the part of a succesful career person.

It is very difficult creating an individual brand that earns respect and millins in an industry and that’s why only a few get to that level. Think Fela Durotoye in corporate development and Human Resources,

Paul Eze is an impresario and CEO of Projectstoc, Africa’s first academic research and outsourcing portal.


  1. Kunle Ojo says:

    This article is very inspiring and as really built the confidence within me. I will follow up my aspirations to become a successful man in everything I do. I believe thinking brings about solution, and you cannot solve a problem except you have a better and clear understanding of it.

  2. Victoria bassey Akpan says:

    I appreciate dis topic tanks.I really want 2 grow big nd earn big, I work wit De-united foods as school liasion officer I deal wit school particularlly wit kisd(INDOMIE FAN CLUB) pls can u assist me on hw I can creat different activities 4d kids 2 boost my stay @ my workplace so dat I can think big nd grow big nd earn big? Tanks awaiting ur reply

  3. Chuks says:

    This is quite good. Thank you for sharing it here.

  4. SAKA says:

    I really appreciate dis 1derful post(RE_BRANDING URSELF 2 COMMAND A HIGHER SALARY ).And,I say thank u.God bless u.

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