SON certifies UniCem’s new cement brand

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria has issued the Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme certificate to the United Cement Company of Nigeria for its recently introduced high quality 42,5N cement.

The 42,5N cement type is designed and produced by UniCem for concrete works in the construction of bridges, roads, dams, jetties, high rise buildings, stadia, among others.

The Head of Standards, SON, Cross River State, Mr. Sunday Yashim, said the certificate was in recognition of UniCem’s 42,5N product, which met high standards of product quality and production processes after going through a rigorous testing and review protocol.

He said the policy of awarding the certificate came into focus in order to ensure that all products coming into the country or produced locally met the required standard.

Yashim said the particular cement brand was new in the country, adding that the company should always strive to sustain the standard it had reached.

He, however, noted that if within the three years’ duration of the award, it was discovered that the quality of the product had dropped, SON would not hesitate to withdraw the certificate.

“We commend UniCem for this new product in this part of the continent because it is composite cement. But they should note that this certificate is for three years and we do hope that they will not fall below standard. We will not hesitate to withdraw the award if the standard falls,” he said.

Managing Director of UniCem, Mr. Olivier Lenoir, who received the certificate, said it was not the first time his organisation was working closely with SON to ensure that high quality products were given to consumers.

Lenoir said UniCem would always strive to meet standards as well as satisfy builders.

“It is not just about getting the certificates and ignoring quality of our products, we will ensure that we keep and maintain standards. We want to satisfy the needs of our consumers. This is a new product and we are pleased to deliver it to our customers and the nation for infrastructure development,” he said.

The Marketing/Technical Assistance Director of UniCem, Mr. Vipal Agrawal, said the award was coming just when major construction companies had expressed satisfaction with the quality of the new product.

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