5 Tips to Getting a Phone Interview Right

There is a trend in the employment industry these days. Many employers do not appreciate the amount of time it takes to physically bring in prospective employees, spend the whole day arranging and interviewing them in person and using half of the already short workforce to get the work done, besides face-to-face interviews cost far more so employers often prefer going the telephone way.

While this may be a plus on the part of the employer, it may not always be a plus on the part of the job seeker unless he is in tune with information on how to turn a phone interview to his advantage. In details below are a few tips that would help you nail that phone interview.

1. Inconvenient? Ask the Interviewer to Reschedule.

Imagine getting a call like any other while in a heavily crowded molue as a straphanger on a really sunny afternoon. You innocently take the call while eyeing the landline number warily only to discover it’s an interview for a position you applied for recently.

There are no two ways about it, you’ll just have to ask the interviewer to call your back, only you’ll have to ask politely. You may use this line ‘I appreciate this call, but I am in a position where I can barely hear you. I would be honored if you’d call back around…’ he or she will understand and call back. You can even ask if you can call back.

2. Be Ready.

When an employer informs you that on a scheduled day and hour, he will put a call across to you for an interview, it will not be nice that on that day, your battery went flat, or you were in a market when he called or you are talking and the sound of the lumps of food you are chewing is repulsing him.

Be ready, charge your phone and wait for the call. If you don’t have anything doing, sit and be ready in preparation for the call.

3. Don’t Sound Tired.

Face-to-face interviews are usually longer than phone interviews. Being that your persistence is part of what you are tested for in most interviews, don’t show any sign of tiredness or lack of concentration on the call. Many people like multitasking, they can afford to read the newspaper while taking a call at the same time but doing such is bad for a phone interview. You don’t want to be caught repeating ‘what did you just say’ ‘Please say that again’ or having to wait for the interviewer to ask ‘are you still there’ before your mind will wander back into the present.

4. Keep Your Answers Straight to the Point.

Don’t forget that you don’t see your interviewer and that long unwarranted explanations can make you lose him. So keep your answers strait to the point and explain only when necessary. Don’t lose your focus and don’t fly off at a tangent while trying to supply right answers to the questions.

5. Be Courteous and Professional.

On no occasion should you forget that this is a formal platform. Be professional. Your interviewer may tease you, he or she may have a nice voice, just be yourself and be professional.

Do not use slangs or informal words. Do not tease him, leave the teasing for when the job is eventually yours. Don’t let the interviewer hear ruffling of papers in the background while you are struggling to find answers pertaining to a question he asked regarding the company. That will not be to your advantage. At the end of the interview, offer a courteous ‘thank you’

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