When Workplace Pressure Hits The Roof: How to Prevent Breaking Down From Excess Work

Imagine you are the project manager in an up-and-coming advertising firm and just three days ago, your boss practically ran into your office and personally explained how that the company must, within the next 48 hours produce 3 standard advert models that must convince a skeptic potential client the company must not lose.

Working to meet the heartless deadline, you spend the next 48 hours without knowing sleep, taking occasional breaks just to eat snacks and not even bothering about taking a shower. Today after delivering on the target, you go home, take a shower, munch down a mountain of real food and are about to crash when your phones rings. You reluctantly pick it up and it’s the boss again, requesting how that he needs to see you immediately, that this multinational has requested for a presentation scheduled for tomorrow in which sample models you are expected to make would be used to convince the company to sign up as your client and how that you are the best man for the job. He spends the next ten minutes explaining how that the company would need to seal that deal else the company may go under and ….

I bet by now, you’ll hear what he is saying but it wouldn’t make sense anymore. Many questions and doubts, will begin to arise in your heart. ‘Is this man human at all’ ‘Is this man trying to pretend he doesn’t know what I have been through?’ ‘How will someone be this heartless?’ ‘ does this man want to kill me?’ If you are not careful at this point, you may lose it.

It may not sound nice, but in business, people do all they can to stay afloat and lead the brand wars. Many times when workplace pressure is not well handled it can have devastating effects on an individual. That is why many times, just two years on a job can make a man in his thirties develop grey hairs and crumpled forehead and if he is not careful, he would join the league of those who check their blood pressure every morning. To avoid ending here, here are a few tips.

1. Always Remember That Your Health Belongs to You and Not the Company.

No matter what happens, always remember that your health belongs to you and not the company. If you let the pressure reduce you to a nervous wreck who has to spend the next two months in a hospital, the very work for which you nearly killed yourself will be delegated to somebody else. It isn’t worth the trouble. work hard but never forget that a minute silence is all you may get for killing yourself.

2. Know When to Draw the Line.

Many people do not know when to stop. Many employers are ready to use you till you drop dead and when they confirm that you are truly dead, they’d move on to hire a younger fresher, cheaper recruit. Work real hard, let your record be impeccable but know when to draw the line.

3. Know Yourself.

In some industries, you have to meet certain targets, bring in certain amount of money, investors or customers. For some organisations it may not be financial but impossible targets that no human can meet without cutting corners. If you know you can’t meet the requirement of certain jobs in certain industries, just keep off.

4. Take a Break.

When it gets to the height, take a break, let go of everything, withdraw yourself to a cool place. Close your eyes for some minutes and put on your favorite music. By the time it plays a couple of times, your blood pressure would have reduced and you may return to work.

5. Go on Holiday.

Many times stress accumulates and begins to affect our performance, productivity and everything else adversely. At this point, the very best thing to do would be to take a few weeks leave and travel. Go somewhere else. Don’t take leftover work with you. By the time you resume, you’ll be able to think clearer.

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