6 Reasons You May Still Be Unemployed

If you don’t have a job yet it could be due to several reasons. And the best way to get the obtacles out of the way is to know what possible reasons that may be responsible for your current unemployed status.

For a graduate jobseeker finding it difficult to land a decent job here’s probably why you are still searching;

1. You Don’t Know Enough Right People

This is not meant in a bad way of course but in today’s employment market the value of your network of valuable persons can never over emphasised. When you do not know enough people in your industry you find valuable information about job openings hard to come by. Many of the young graduates I know working today in the financial services and telecom industry got tips on vacancies which they took advantage of.

This is by no means saying people don’t get jobs from applying to vacancies on websites and newspapers. However that shouldn’t be your only job hunting strategy as you will be facing up to thousands of other candidates as well in seeking for the available places.

The difficult thing with networking is that you should have started long ago even before leaving school to build your solid base of valuable human connections and relationships. However it is never too late to start building your personal connections with more experienced professionals in your field.

2. You Do Badly at Interviews

It doesn’t matter how good your CV is; if you fail to convince the interviewer(s) of your suitability for the job you don’t get offered an appointment.

Your CV gets you in the door to be evaluated for the job but it is more likely your interview that convinces the employer to offer you the job. Here are tips to excel in job interviews.

3. You Ask for Too Much Money

This is a bad mistake I have witnessed many young jobseekers make during interviews. When they get asked the salary questions they, in order not to sell themselves cheap, proceed to quote a terribly high salary expectation without recourse to the fact that they have little experience for the job.

While it is advisable not to quote too low a salary range it is equally going to cost you the job if you quote too high.

The key is to do your homework and if possible research the company’s average pay for the kind of position you are to be interviewed for. Then offer something slightly higher than that range.

4. You Do Not Apply Strategically

Success in job application or job search is not determined by how many applications you send in per week. The quality and target suitability of your application is what matters. It is of no use sending in applications to virtually any job vacancies you see without first checking to see if your current qualifications and skills match the requirements for each one.

To get increased success in your job search you need to learn to apply for only jobs that your qualifications can match. Targeted job search and not indiscriminate job applications is the way to go.

5. You Fail to Follow Application Guidelines

This is an all time error on the part of many jobseekers; rushing to send in applications without first ensuring that they follow all application procedures outlined by the employer. Failing to follow stated guidelines is one of the strong reasons people fail to get invited to interviews.And when you don’t get invited to interview you fail to get a job.

6. You Cannot Communicate

Your ability to convey your passion and eligibility for the job through first written then verbal (interview) processes is essential to getting the job. When you write poorly your CV and Cover Letter don’t stand a chance of impressing and getting shortlisted. If you are incoherent and unable to clearly speak and persuade the employer during your interview session then you also lose the opportunity to get the job.

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