How to Get Response When You Apply to Jobs Online

Candidates keep asking us on our support forum how they would get feedback or response from the job applications they make online.

They ask,’my problem is that after applying for hundreds of jobs I don’t get response or feedback in anyway’

The thing is when you get to apply for a job online you are also competing with hundreds or possibly thousands of others. Getting a response is a tough ask as most employers wouldn’t even bother to call or send you an email unless you are shortlisted for interviews.

While it is very competitive out there for the jobseeker there are little things you can do to increase the chances for getting response from your job applications.

Apply for Jobs that Match Your Specific Skill set

Career coaches advise that if you are not a strong match for an advertised job you shouldn’t waste your time applying. You should apply only for jobs that you have the requisite skills and experience for.

If you can apply for jobs that better match your skills you stand a better chance of your application being noticed and getting a response.

Fill Forms Accurately and Concisely

If the online application requires you to fill in a form make it concise and easy for the employer to quickly look through your details. Avoid filling or answering salary questions.

Use Targeted Keywords

While creating or editing your resume on Ngcareers for any job application make sure to include suitable keywords that will get the interest of the employer.

For applications to employer websites where automated tracking systems are used to monitor keywords and determine relevance of applications including the right keywords to match your skills to the job requirement is important.

Use the Power of the Cover Letter

Many people ignore the usefulness of a cover letter in making a unique application. If the job application system gives room for attaching or including a brief cover letter it’s your opportunity to write a brief compelling letter to the employer. Chances are that your cover letter is the first thing they’ll look at and if it’s good enough your CV can get a look in.

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  1. Anne Collins says:

    For someone with no job experience, how should should such a one write his or her cover letter.

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