What to Do When Mr. Employer Doesn’t Come Knocking

Once a person goes through with college, it would be natural to expect the invitation for job interviews to begin rolling in. Naturally, unemployed graduates spend hours on end poring over pages and pages on vacancy portals and sending in their CV in for as many applications as possible.

times those applications don’t seem to translate into job interviews, and often times when they do, all they go home with is: We’ll get back to you.

What do you do to enhance your job chances when employers don’t seem to call you. When employers don’t come knocking, here are a few things to check.

1. Is Your CV a Dumb One?

People are always in a rush these days to do anything that they would not be patient enough to sit down and draw up an intelligent CV. If you show up at an interview with a dumb CV that cannot convince your grandma to hire you, then you may have to sit down again, read articles on how to draw up a good one and do that. You don’t expect anyone to hire you when your CV, the one document that tells them about how good you are for the job suggests otherwise.

2. How Did You Handle the Interview?

Many people are brilliant and intelligent but when it comes to interviews, their intelligence and brilliance seems to jump out the window. They begin to appear inarticulate and psychologically incapable of being the man for the job. On no circumstance should you forget that the employer doesn’t know you beyond the interview to realize you are brilliant, so your job during interview is to make him see that.

Be confident, look your interviewer in the eye, when it is time to shake him, offer a very firm handshake and when it is time to leave, walk out like you already got the job. Don’t ever let the interviewer perceive you as vulnerable.

3. What’s Your Cover Letter Like?

Many people do not really understand what a cover letter should look like. Others simply have just one cover letter they use to apply for any opening they see, they only change the job title each time. In fact the cover letter they have, is one they copied verbatim from a friend who has copied from a friend in a chain much longer than they realize.

Their argument is that the employer will not have the time to sift the wheat from the chaff, but the question is, if you are an employer of labor yourself, will you employ someone who shows up the very cover letter you are parading right now, the very same copy that fifty percent of the applicants applied with? The same cover letter that says nothing to demonstrate how suitable you are for the job?

The answer is obvious.

4. Don’t Sit Away Your Time Waiting for Mr. Employer.

This one right here is one of the reasons why many people do not have good jobs yet. While some are busy improving themselves, taking professional exams and sharpening the cutting edge, others are waiting for the day Mr. Employer would knock to start. Do not forget that diminishing returns is not your friend and that many of the jobs we want to apply for locally can be applied for by another graduate in India, not to mention the thousands of fresh and loaded graduates our universities turn out each year. So don’t wait for the employer to sharpen your skill, sharpen it and wait. That way, you’ll be able to stand a better chance.

5. Explore Other Options Available to You

See if you’ll have to move on. If Mr. Employer doesn’t come knocking, you may begin to consider furthering your education. Either you decide to get a Bachelor or a master’s degree, especially if you are getting not so young anymore or you have the means. Or perhaps you should give that idea of yours a trial and launch your own business. That way you’ll be able to give the fleeting time something to keep in store and be better for it.

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