Monday Morning Motivation: Who Said You Can’t?

A childhood friend of mine lost his parents as a child and for some reasons resorted to the streets. With no one to keep a close eye on him, he got mixed up with some really bad people, dropped out of school and began to do things he otherwise would never have done, were his parents to be here. Then people began to talk. ‘You are going to self-destruct’ ‘You will never amount to anything in life’ ‘You will live to regret your life’ and the likes.
After a while, in his early twenties, he moved to the FCT with almost no certificate and began to strive to succeed. Being smarter now, he kept away from trouble and bad company and this young man went on to legitimately become a millionaire business owner in his early twenties long before I begin finding my feet.
Have they looked you in the eye and said you cannot amount to anything? What have they said you can’t do? Do lotus dreams exist in your chest and someone is telling how impossible it is to achieve them? I am here to tell you that you can.

When John Roebling started out with the Brooklyn Bridge, America and the larger world almost laughed him to scorn.
Everybody knew him as a skilled bridge builder but his plan to build East River was a plunge headlong into the impossible. It wasn’t just a river; it was an estuary and therefore prone to tidal disturbances. The criticisms and mockery mounted when a canoe accident eventually left him paralyzed. Roebling did not let his paralysis kill his dream; he soon devised a means to communicate his ideas to his wife as he could not execute them himself.
After years and years of drudgery, the same critics who raised their voices against Roebling’s structure plan, claiming East River would collapse, joined all of America and the World to celebrate the wonder of science of their time and longest bridge America had ever seen, even though Roebling did not live to see it. And what was scorned as a process in error is one of the many monuments America prides itself in today.
Who has said you can’t? Have they said you can’t amount to anything? Have they said that you will die a nobody and from the look of things you are beginning to think they may be right? This right here is to tell you that you can if you try again. Things may not be as they are supposed to be. They may not be moving in the most favourable direction but hang on some. Work harder at it, let your determination not fail you now and those same people will come back laughing with you.

When a Social Security check of $105 arrived in the mail, Colonel Sanders went berserk. He felt he deserved better. What will $105 buy? I wasn’t enough to pay for groceries or gas or will it pay the house rent. As far as Colonel Sanders was concerned, he had had enough. True as that may be, he was broke to the teeth but he was not going leave his fate in the hands of any man nor let anybody determine when he eats and when he doesn’t; he had done that all his life and it was about time something changed. So he decided with was time to launch out selling chicken. ‘Oh no, you can’t do that’, ‘What’s the matter with this old man?’ ‘You can’t succeed now, you are too old’
In the face of so much discouragement and rejection, Sanders went on to become a billionaire after age 65 when everyone else had given up on him and said he can’t amount to anything anymore.

I know you can, because I believe in your dreams and I believe in you. I know you can because many people’s success depend on yours and I know you cannot afford to let them down. Oh yes you are not giving haters the privilege of mocking- not anymore. I know you can because I believe you will stand up and fight for your future. I know you can, because I see a giant in you, only it has not been awakened. So step out today with new passion and up your determination. Keep your head high and try again. Don’t accept a NO, no matter the circumstance and I can assure you that you will come back with success and nothing less.

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  1. Croesus says:

    Hello Mr. Igbokwe. I appreciate the message you are trying to send across, and I have learnt some things from what you wrote.
    I just want to suggest, as a fellow believer in the potentiality of the human mind, that when you are writing, you write with the “other” person in mind. I absolutely agree with everything you have said, and I am a firm believer in starting over again (Heaven knows how many times I have had to do that!). But you see, when you were writing, (you made a lot of grammatical errors, and the clarity of your message was poor), you should understand that this type of message works for someone that can see you absolutely care, and that you are ready to offer feedback too.
    Secondly, you might have to realize that, based on the site on which you are posting your message, it would most likely be viewed by Nigerians – individuals who have no idea who John Roebling or Colonel Sanders were. Thus, it might be required that you use Nigerian examples.
    Thirdly, the typical Nigerian is basically concerned with getting a job to survive, and thus does not want through the “rigors” of “having to make it”. Consequently, you must offer them a reason to want to go down that path you are probably offering them (what I mean here, is the picture you are offering them. At the back of their minds, while their mates are getting lucrative jobs, they most likely feel Life has been unfair to them, by not giving them the same opportunities).
    Lastly, “motivation” is a daily thing. And it comes with a reason. Consequently, it cannot be written and accomplished in one article. It must be fueled continually, until it becomes a habitual way of thinking.
    So if you are really passionate about helping others, it most likely should start with how badly you want to do it, and also, the “motivation” for wanting to do it…
    Any questions, or probably a “chat”you could mail me at
    It has been a pleasure getting acquainted with you.

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