Having a Bad Job or Being Unemployed?

With the current job market, this is one of the biggest dilemmas facing most people. Although there are certainly many factors in this unbalanced equation, there are arguments support both sides as being the superior choice in the matter, if, of course, there is indeed a choice to be made. I will try to analyze some of these factors in order to support one of the claims, but the truth is there can be no definitive answer due to the plethora factors involved. Here, we have social status, financial status, psychological and physical condition, marital status, etc.

Everyone’s situation is different. But in the end, if you want to advance in some way in a chosen career, or having plans of starting one, or changing your lifestyle, then perhaps being left out of a job might be the thing to give you the chance to re-evaluate your life and find the answer. However, like I said, it’s not that simple, so I will try to describe both situations and try to find some pros and cons for each.

Being unemployed

Let’s start with the negative – you don’t have any cash flow and that’s bad. The credit card companies, the banks and the car dealer aren’t going to wait for you to find a job and show understanding the meanwhile. They don’t care how you get the money to pay them, they just want you to pay them or you will lose everything. This is a dire truth facing each and every one of us. We don’t want to lose everything and live on the street. That’s why we work jobs we don’t like in conditions we hate, with lower pays and disappearing benefits – because our lives basically depend on it. Furthermore, if you’re married and have children, you can be left without a job for too long. This is really stressful for most of us and we hate every minute of it. That’s why most of us are miserable and we are trying to find happiness in the little things, in our spare time. Sometimes we manage, most of the time we don’t. And you need to get money for college for the kids, too. You can’t be unemployed.

But think about it for a second. What better way to start a new career than being unemployed for a while? Using benefits and some savings, you can definitely afford to be out of a job at least for a little while, until you figure out what to do. This is what happened to me not too long ago and it definitely changed my life for the better. I hated my old job from the bottom of my heart and one day, after working in the same company for over five years, I just quit. I needed to change my life. I had some savings that got me through before I managed to start my new career, and since I wasn’t in the immediate need of money, I could afford to find the job I wanted.

Having a bad job

But here is the bad news – I’m single. I don’t have a family I need to support and as a bachelor I could only afford to do this because I had saved enough during the time I was working. I started working in my early twenties, so you can imagine that my last job was the only thing I knew. But I couldn’t take it anymore so I needed a change. If I had a family, though, things would be different – there would be more responsibilities and more money to spend. It would’ve been truly awful to put my family through a near financial ruin episode, so if that was the case, I would’ve kept working.

Here’s the truth. If you can afford not to work for a while (or if you’re still at your parent’s care and you’re going to look for your first job), don’t get a bad job – look for something with potential. Sometimes one bad job can be a trap for you and keep you there for a lot more than you would wish. Even if you think it’s only temporary, lots of times it becomes permanent, so choose wisely. But if you have a family, then you don’t have much choice in the matter. Sadly, that’s the truth.

Connie Jameson is passionate about everything related to education, career development and self improvement. She currently works as a a manager of Best Cleaners London and she has a lot to share with her readers.

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