Senators Call for Minister of Aviation’s Resignation

Some Senators have called for the Minister of Aviation to resign because of the frequency of air mishaps under her watch as head of the Nation’s aviation ministry.

The Senators stated that in the last two and half years Nigeria has witnessed a record of seven fatal air crashes and two averted incidents.

The senators were speaking on a motion on last week’s crash of Associated Airlines aircraft in Lagos which killed 13 people. Two others died later in hospital.

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu said, “In sane places when things happen people take responsibility and resign. Others commit suicide for the failure of their subordinates.”

Senator Smart Adeyemi (PDP, Kogi) said investigation he conducted in Lagos for three days revealed that the aircraft was on a “test flight” which was why there were many aircraft engineers onboard.

“Somebody might have thought of making quick money. Some times in this chamber we must speak the truth. Corruption is responsible for the air crashes in Nigeria,” he said

Senator Oluremi Tinubu (ACN, Lagos) said it was irresponsible of the minister to frighten Nigerians that accidents were inevitable.

“Why should she say so? It’s scaring. Does that mean that each time we travel we will be afraid? This should be investigated and we should stop playing politics with the lives of people and address the issues.”

Senator Jibrilla Mohammed Bindo (PDP, Adamawa), said it was embarrassing for the aviation minister to say that air mishaps are inevitable because “she doesn’t know what it takes to be a minister, she should resign”.

Senator Adamu Ibrahim Gumba (PDP, Bauchi) who also argued that Oduah has no business remaining in office after witnessing seven air crashes under her tenure as a minister.

Senator Olu Adetumbi (APC, Ekiti) said, “It is time to speak the truth to power because we are tired of this obscene media propaganda about achievements in the sector just to promote the government and the minister while we keep having crashes every day.

“Physical infrastructure is a good thing but that is not a good reform, rug carpets and tiles do not make the reform of aviation, it has to do with the people who manage the sector and the procedures.”

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  1. Profem says:

    Both the senate and the minister should resign, they have failed the nation already.

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