How to Gain Influence and Be Promoted Quicker at Work: Build a Power Base

In the corporate business world the battle for power and supremacy is fierce and to stand a chance you’ll be nneding a power base. Getting ahead in the corporate world means getting promoted steadily or rapidly (if you like), earning a fat pay-check and having your words carry weight.

To achieve all these you will come in contact with business minded people who may not like your face. That of course is not your business. Your business is to use all available opportunities to advance your cause in your place of work. To advance to the top of your field you’ll need to create a power base.

The power base will be like a strong foundation on which you build your career aspirations and achievements. Just as any strong foundation your career foundation will have to be made of solid materials so you don’t crumble down halfway to the pinnacle of your career.

A solid power base is made up two major elements;

a) Expert Power
b) Personality Power

These are two abilities you have to develop as they will form your power base.Your strenght in both will determine how solid your career power base becomes.

Expert Power:

This is the power you develop from your knowledgeof the things that work and the things that don’t work in your career field. If you rack up an intimidating expertise and unbeatable knowledge in your industry you’ll become almost untouchable.

Say, for instance, if you are among the top three brains in the entire industry of marketing communications your company heads will be very much aware of your pricelessness and would do everything possible to keep you (and this includes top drawer wages and perks)

To develop high expert power then train yourself toproduce consistently excellent results and work quietly to build up a reputation as the best and sharpest guy around. When you do that you’ll dine with kings and queens in your industry.

Personality Power:

If you are not extremely gifted on the talent and knowledge side don’t worry your head off. Just work hard enough to be above average on that side and turn on your charms fully.

If asked I’ll say that Personality Power is the more difficult of the two powers to attain and a bit more handy than expert power.

Keep as many as your office workers on your side as possible but don’t join office gossip groups. It will be difficult to be liked by everyone in the office especially if you play above office cliques but try to be friendly with as many of your co-workers, bosses, colleagues as possible.

Don’t forget where your personlity charms will be most needed – your bosses and superiors. Be polite but never sycophantic. Do any work assigned to you by your bosses quickly and thoroughly. Don’t neglect the power of a little extra as shown in the story of the young lecturer in a college.

Anticpate the needs of your superiors and go out of your way to solve their problems. If you make them dependent on your you can be sure of your quicker rise up the corporate ladder.

With a combination of personality and expertise power you have a better shot at hitting the top of your career especially if you also get lucky along the way.

Paul is an Impresario and CEO of Pejas Solutions Ltd. If you found this article useful you can connect with Paul on Twitter

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