This Could be Why You Haven’t Got That Job

You having been searching for jobs for quite a time. You apply for jobs you are well qualified for. Your CV/ Resume is superb, despite all these, you haven’t been called for any interview. If you fall under this category of job seekers, this information is for you.

What is actually hindering your job search? Many things apart from the aforementioned could be the problem. Do you apply with a cover letter? Do you follow stipulated instructions for each job application? The later is most likely the dearth of your many job applications. There is a very bad trend we noticed in various job applications we handled on Ngcareers, most job seekers hardly read instructions on how to apply for jobs, even when they do they hardly follow it.
Most recently, we managed candidates short-listing for a particular company and over 70% didn’t follow the instructions specified in the job advert.
Instructions in job adverts comes in various ways: A job advert for business development officer could instruct you include a short essay on how you can increase brand awareness of a particular product. A job advert for a graphics designer might stipulate inclusion of your previous works. A job listing for General manager might stipulate you apply using a format (maybe an excel template). A job listing may stipulate only a particular gender should apply. The list could go on and on. Do you follow these instructions when applying? While we were short-listing some candidates for the company we decided to go through the over 70% that didn’t follow the instructions. Just as we expected a good number of them had the required qualifications.

One thing you should be aware of is that every job listing especially entry-level and intermediate level positions attracts 50+ applications usually for one position and most times one HR person goes through the applications to shortlist qualified candidates. The HR person will normally shortlist people who followed the instructions specified and met the requirements specified . He/ she will only go through the other applications when those that followed the instructions didn’t meet up to expectations, that’s simple because we naturally will tend to do easier things first before going for the harder ones. Not following instructions makes it harder for the HR person to shortlist you if you are qualified.

You could be throwing away your chances by not following instructions given for job applications. Searching and applying for jobs shouldn’t be done anyhow, most people would simple grab the email address specified for application and forward their CV without taking time to write a good convincing cover letter or cross-checking their CV.
Every company wants to recruit people who will add valuable to them, no company will pay you for nothing! The first chance you have at showing the company who you are and value you can add to them is the way you go about applying for their job. When you don’t follow simple instructions you are indirectly telling the company that you are incompetent for the position or that you are a carefree person.

Take your time to apply for jobs you are qualified for, each job you apply for could be the one you will get.

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