Raising the stake amongst QSR brands

The entry of famous brands from South Africa is set to dictate a new pace in the Quick Service Restaurant brands in Nigeria. Famous brands of South Africa recently acquired a 49 percent stake in UAC Restaurants Limited (UACR) and this further underscores the potentials that abound for foreign brands in the QSR sector.

This comes as a significant leap for the food industry in Nigeria. The deal affords UACR the key to unlock the value potentials in the Quick Service Restaurant landscape. It also gives Mr Biggs, the QSR brand of the UACR the edge to enhance and reinforce its leadership position in the industry. Though Mr Biggs retains a strong edge in the QSR industry, the landscape has become highly competitive in view of the presence of other popular brands.

The QSR business in Nigeria has evolved over the years with the players deploying several strategies to remain in the industry. Some foreign brands such as Barcelos, KFC, Nandos have also tapped into the enormous potentials of the QSR market in Nigeria. Several veritable platforms have also been utilized by the various brands to connect to consumers and also deepen brand equity.

The recent acquisition of Mr Biggs by famous brands will definitely accelerate the pace of competition in the QSR market. Famous brand has had a track record of been the leading quick service and casual dining res-taurant operator in Africa.

The QSR industry in Nigeria has been revolutionalised especially with the entry of international brands. The standards have been set while the eating experience of Nigerians have equally been changed. The QSR industry also provides a veritable platform from the Nigerians brands to become globally competitive.

All that is required is to apply the basic fundamentals of consumer satisfaction and also ensure that the brands deploy effective strategies to remain in business. Some of the key parameters that distinguish QSR brands are customer care, food taste, the environment, freshness of the food, prompt and quick service as well as continuous innovation. The entry of famous brands has indeed changed the equation as QSR brands need to review their brand strategies in line with the new direction in the industry.

They need to re-tool their service delivery portfolio and adopt techniques to create unique brand image. Deepening brand equity has also become a critical tool to maintaining a strong brand positioning in the minds of the consumers.

The need for QSR brands to define their competitive edge by discovering different ways of being unique in the market place has become a basic imperative. Now more than before, differentiation in products and service should occupy a premium place. QSR’s brands also need to have market expertise by focusing on a particular niche to develop market specialization.

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