Boeing focused on improving 787’s reliability

Boeing acknowledged the reliability issues of its 787 Dreamliners on Monday, and said it was taking steps to make the new high-tech plane more dependable.

Reuters reported on Tuesday, that the reliability of the 787 is better than 95 per cent.

Boeing Commercial Planes Marketing Vice President, Mr. Randy Tinseth, said, “It is not as good as we’d like to see it. It’s not as good as our customers would like to see it. So we’re looking at ways to improve that reliability over time.

“I would refer to the problems as teething problems, I don’t think they’re systemic.”

The aircraft has suffered an assortment of electrical and safety issues, the latest of which were over the weekend when budget airline Norwegian Air Shuttle grounded a brand new 787 Dreamliner and demanded that Boeing repair it after it suffered repeated breakdowns.

On Sunday, a 787 operated by Poland’s carrier, LOT, had to land unexpectedly in Iceland due to a fault with the aircraft’s identification system.

The problem followed electrical and other safety issues that have afflicted the 787, including battery meltdowns that prompted regulators to ban the long-haul jetliner from flight for more than three months this year.

Tinseth said the process of improving reliability could be a long one.

“Every plane that we bring to the market clearly or oftentimes has issues as we go through the maturation process. The 787 has been no exception to that,” Tinseth said.

“Clearly we’ve had some challenges on 787 reliability and we’re focussed on making that reliability better.”

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