Lagos International trade fair targets 1000 exhibitors

Organisers of the annual Lagos international trade fair, the Lagos Chamber of commerce and industry (LCCI) has set a target of hosting not less than 1000 exhibitors at this year’s event.

The trade fair which is billed to hold from November 1st through the 10th at the Tafawa Balewa square (TBS) in Lagos has already received bookings from 200 indigenous fi rms for a combined space of 20,000 square metres, which it said is a great improvement compared to the same period last year.

“We are confi dent that by the second week of October, over 800 local companies would have registered to participate in the fair,” said Babatunde Ruwase, chairman trade promotion board of LCCI at a press briefi ng on preparatory arrangements for the fair in Lagos.

He also disclosed that the theme of this year’s fair “Harnessing trade potentials for an inclusive economy” was chosen in an effort to address one of the major shortcomings of the Nigerian economy which is the disparity between economic growth and citizens’ welfare.

He that in spite of the fact that the Nigerian economy is a very strong economy, it is regretful that this does not refl ect on the citizenry of the country.

“A country that is prosperous must refl ect that prosperity in its citizenry and for this not to be the case, there must be something that we are not doing right and in our own little effort, we are trying to make people see that there are ways that this malaise can be remedied,” he said.

He said that the chamber has decided to use this year’s fair to showcase the various opportunities for trade, investment and industry in the Nigerian economy, with a view to promoting greater integration and synergy between players in the various sectors to boost Nigeria’s economic and social development.

He stated that it was the belief of the chamber that with a more cohesive integration and interaction between all sectors of the country’s economy, Nigerians will be able to fast track the nation’s quest for a more sustainable economic development.

“With the choice of the theme, we are also sensitising the policy makers to the importance of domestic production and citizen participation. The fair will focus on the promotion and development of indigenous and international trade to increase the volume of trade and boost activities of industrializa-tion,” he said.

He noted that with the recognition of the role of the private sector in the economic development in Nigeria and the move by the government to transform the nation’s economy, the fair seeks to use the medium of trade to support government’s concerted efforts and provide an avenue for both Nigerians and foreigners to have windows of opportunities, to strike mutually benefi cial business relationships.

Ruwase also pointed out that the recognition of Nigeria as a fast growing economy and the quest to take advantage of the various investments potential and opportunities have rubbed off very well on the fair.

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