Career Humour: Getting Paid Doing the Job I Love

We all know about the saying that success is doing what you love and making a career out of it.
According to Confucius “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”
Sometimes this could be very difficult task especially for one Mr. Agbona, he has a very interesting hubby but he looking for where he will be paid doing it. We interview Mr Agbona over the weekend:

Ngcareers: Mr Agbona, what is your career objective?
Agbona: To find a job where I will be paid doing what I love.

Ngcareers: Interesting! how do you intend to achieve this?
Agbona: I have been submitting CVs and attending some events related to my hobby.

Ngcareers: Please, if you wouldn’t mind, what is this you love doing?
Agbona: I love beer, I want a job where I will be paid to be drinking beer and reading magazines

Please if you have any opportunity or suggestion for Mr. Agbona drop it as a comment below

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