Brazil showcases huge potential of poultry industry

The Brazilian Poultry Association recently hosted industry stakeholders around the world to showcase initiatives in building new alliances that will enhance its influence as the world’s leading producer of chicken, eggs and other associated poultry products.

For about a week that the 23rd congress of the Brazilian Poultry Association also known as the World Poultry Show held in Sao Paulo lasted, the association demonstrated in practical terms, what has continued to make Brazilian poultry the most sought after globally, which has had a significant and positive impact on the country’s export trade.

Brazil is not only the world’s leading chicken producer but has succeeded in dominating other producer countries in Europe and in the United States with her globally acclaimed standard of handling poultry operation, which has earned the country an excep-tional status and has accounted for the progress recorded in its foreign exchange earnings in the last few years.

IN 2012 alone, Brazil earned $8 billion (or N1.2 trillion which is equivalent to roughly 19 per cent of Nigeria’s 2012 budget) from chicken export alone

The poultry association is not only the leading force in the food sector domestically but has succeeded in developing a strong block from among its members to withstand global competition and ensuring food security for the Latin American country.

With her 36 member association comprising of chicken, duck and turkey meat as well as egg exporters, the country has succeed ed in synergising the various sector of the industry in a way that it ensures self sustenance while at the same time creating employment for hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Apart from her chicken for which the country has attained self sufficiency, the well organised sector has also succeeded in impacting other associated products such as duck, turkey, eggs, eggs genetics and egg products.

In a presentation at the congress UBABEF’s Market Relations Manager, Adriano Zerbini disclosed that the poultry industry had made increasing contributions to the country’s GDP for the past five years.

According to him, what has made the it possible for the association to make in-roads to the global market include the favourable natural resources, grain availability, integrated production, sanitary status and investment in technology. The combination of these he said, has made their operation one of the most solid poultry industries in the world

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