Auto market: Nissan pledges to amplify market share

Nissan celebrated an evening of innovation and excitement with special guests in Lagos last week, following the launch of the new distributor, Stallion NMN, in May this year.

The new partnership affirms Nissan’s commitment to strong representation in Nigeria, a vibrant market that is expected to deliver significant growth and contribution to Nissan’s global midterm plan, Nissan Power88. Nissan’s three year fiscal objective conveys the responsibility of repositioning and enhancing Nissan’s influence in Nigeria on Stallion NMN Limited, as new Nissan custodian and national sales company.

The Managing Director, Nissan South Africa, Mr. Mike Whitfield, summarised the key objective of the occasion where Stallion NMN custodianship was crystallised and a number of intriguing Nissan models were launched. He envisioned that by the end of fiscal 2016, “We aim to achieve a global market share of eight per cent and sustainable operating profit of eight per cent and Nigeria is an important market in that plan.

“Nissan is already reaping the dividend of Power 88 globally,’ he said, ‘We started the year 2013 on a high note, and markets in Africa, with their favourable growth indices, are key to our achievement.”

Whitfield attributed the growth potential in Africa to improved economic governance, rapid urbanisation with expanding middle class and growing workforce, saying, “it is inevitable that this growing consumer base will become increasingly motorised with Nissan at the forefront of initiatives to capture the market.”

Nissan will be tapping into Africa’s markets with its smart and fuel-efficient B and C segment passenger vehicles such as Nissan Micra, Almera and Sentra. Mr. Parvir Singh, Managing Director, Stallion NMN Limited, acknowledged in his keynote address the ingenuity of Nissan’s technology, remarking that “Nissan has transcended the challenges of yesterday, living up to its new tagline ‘Innovation that Excites’ – one of the compelling reasons why the brand has become the toast of many discerning automobile lovers worldwide.”

He highlighted Nissan’s relationship with Usain Bolt, the Jamaican Olympic gold medalist and world’s fastest sprinter who is Nissan’s ‘Ambassador of Excitement’, as proof of Nissan’s imaginative technology.

“Capturing the imagination of customers is one of the conditions for Nissan’s diverse range of models cutting across various applications,” he stated.

The highpoint of the event was the unveiling of Nissan’s star attraction, GT-R and some other exciting models that have undergone real time transformation such as the 370Z, Pathfinder, Teana (also known as Altima in other markets) and Sentra.

Singh explained that Stallion Group with strong local experience had joined forces with Nissan as a global brand, to position the brand as Nigeria’s preferred choice of automobile.

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