Half Year Job Search Report: 25 Top Job Searches in Nigeria (Jan – July 2013)

We have done an extensive data mining of the job search patterns of Nigerians to come up with a list of most search job keywords from January to June 2013. We collated the data from job search keywords that candidates and jobseekers entered in the Ngcareers job search platform. Over the first half of 2013 we recorded millions of keyword searches. Note that on our earlier report we stated that a good number of career users prefer clicking to typing in a keyword or group of keywords; so this report obviously does not include jobs clicked on (we hope to release a future report on this). It rather focuses on what kind of jobs people are searching for based on the keywords they enter in the job search bar.

For this report we reviewed over 200,000 job searches as a sample set within the period of January to June 2013. We extracted keywords that reoccurred most in job searches within this period. However the pattern of job searches is such that a jobseeker can enter keywords that are not entirely job titles or positions.

Major Types of Job Search Keywords Used by Jobseekers

From our report there are a few types of keywords searched for by career individuals and jobseekers.

a) Job Titles or Positions: This is apparently the most common sort of keyword used in job search by candidates. A typical jobseeker will type in his preferred job position such as accountant, account officer, driver etc to see available jobs that match or are similar to the position/title entered.

b) Job Industry: We also discovered that more than half of our top 25 keyword job searches are in form of industries or categories. Users instead type in a particular industry or job category they are interested in to see available jobs within and related to that category or industry. Major examples of such job keywords include; Oil and Gas, Financial, NGO, Customer Care, Finance, Administration.

c) Organisation Name: Sometimes due to a well known organisation, agency or firm recruiting we notice a spike in job search keywords that are done in the name of such organisations. Users who look for jobs in certain companies and organisations will enter as their search keywords the name of the company or organisation. Examples are the keywords; etisalat, MTN etc

25 Top Job Searches

Below are the top 25 job search keywords in Nigeria between January to June 2013

1. Accountant
2. Director of Research
3. Financial
4. Teaching
5. Oil and Gas
6. Accounting
7. Driver
8. NGO
9. Secretary
10. Sales
11. Security
12. Customer Care
13. Finance
14. Administration
15. Diagnostic
16. Admin
17. Etisalat
18. Account Officer
19. Nurse
20. Procurement
21. Information Technology
22. Manager
23. Sales Manager
24. Administrative Nursing Officer
25. Logistics

Click Here to See the Graph for Top 25 Job Search Keywords Jan – Jun 2013

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