Airlines to spend $4.8trn in aircraft acquisition –Boeing

Global airlines are expected to spend about $4.8trn on acquisition of different brands of airplanes between 2012 and 2032.

This is also as Boeing Commercial Airplanes has delivered over 1,492 airplanes since 2011 to different airline operators.

These statistics were given yesterday at the Lufthansa Aviation Academy Seeheim, Frankfurt, Germany by the Vice President, Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Mr. Randy Tinseth, during his presentation to over 40 journalists from about 15 countries.

According to Tinseth, the $4.8trn would be expended on the acquisition of 35, 280 new airplanes by the operators from 2012 to 2032.

Giving out the statistics of the expected aircraft types of be delivered Tinseth explained that single aisle planes would take the largest share with 24,670, which represented 70 per cent of the total acquisition; small wide-body, 4,530 (13 per cent); medium widebody, 3,300 (nine per cent); regional jets, 2,020 (six per cent) and large wide-body aircraft with 760 acquisitions, which represents just two per cent

On the distribution of the new airplanes within the period under review, he said Asia Pacific would acquire 12,820, representing 37 per cent, Europe, 7,460 (21 per cent), North America, 7,250 ( 21 per cent); Latin America, 2, 900 (eight per cent); Middle East, 2, 610 (seven per cent); C.I.S, 1,170 (three per cent) Africa with 1,070, representing another three per cent deliveries.

On the market value, he said that operators of single aisle airplanes would spend $2.29trn, representing 47 per cent, small wide-body operators, $1,100bn (23 per cent); medium wide-body, $1.09trn (22 per cent); large wide body, $280bn (six per cent and regional jet operators are expected to spend $80bn, which is two per cent of the total sum expected to be spent within the period.

Besides, on the aircraft deliveries by Boeing since 2011, he informed that the aircraft manufacturer had delivered 1,492 aircraft in over two years.

He said in 2011, Boeing delivered 477 aircraft; 2012, 601 while as at August 2013, it had delivered 414 aircraft so far and expressed optimism that the sector would continue to grow despite the obvious challenges confronting it globally.

He added, “Every year, Boeing expects between 200 to 300 aircraft to be retired from global airline operations. This has been the trend for several years now because newer airplanes that are fuel efficient and coming into the market and driving competition

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