Not Until You Are Provoked…

Have you seen a really angry woman before? How about a really angry woman who is bent on doing something about the cause of that anger? One is a racing trailer while the other is a speeding bullet train. Experience has taught me that with the exception of the heavens, nothing can stop that man whose determination is one ignited by the fire of anger, abuse or humiliation.

Little Cosmas Madukawas, to say the least, devastated when he learnt that his father has passed away. The seven-year-old, being the first child, soon found himself in a position where he had to drop out of school to hawk akara (bean cakes) to support his poor mother and help pay his siblings’ school fees. Life was rough and painful but he had no much trouble coping until something happened that would change his life forever.

It wasn’t long that news reached his former classmates and colleagues how that their friend now walks the same streets he had walked earlier in his school uniform, hawking akara. In time, they found him and taunting, they called him all sorts of derogatory and ridiculous names. It was at this point that something in Maduka was triggered; although a little child but the fire of unwavering determination to succeed was kindled in his little heart that the chilly waters of life’s circumstances could do little to quench. In his brokenness, he promised himself that no matter how rough the road may be, that his riches would transcend that of them all.

His path was laden with seemingly insurmountable obstacles; for he had to leave for Lagos to become an apprentice who would eventually serve his master dutifully for years and would be rudely dismissed for no cogent reason. Time and again he failed but each time he would get up again starting out with close-to-nothing, trying his hands on all manner of businesses until he began to diligently grow in wealth and today you may not count five top businessmen in our country before Dr. Maduka’s name (Coscharis) would pop up.

Until you get angry at your status quo, nothing may change. Until you stand up to challenge your situation, you may as well sit still while the stormy waters of life sweep over you. Being humans, we are susceptible to taking solace in the pavilion of our comfort zone and sometimes bouts of anger and provocation arise to put us on our toes and keep us there.

Some years back, almost without knowing it I had almost altogether stopped writing. I was relatively comfortable and had a job to concentrate on, not to mention research work that I had put on hold. So this learned friend of mine came around and we discussed a book he was writing. His enthusiasm was infectious and soon I caught myself requesting to co-author his book.

‘Ah! Not to worry, that won’t be necessary’’ My request was to my chagrin turned down for no obvious reason. It was at that moment something in me was ignited. Here was I, an endowed writer who has found comfort and backed down, requesting to be featured in a friend’s book and brutally turned down. I was angry albeit, but not with my friend but with myself and before that week went down I had begun writing again and today have written articles that have gone places. I often wonder if I had not gone back to begin writing again if I would have come this far.

Each and everyday, circumstances and situations approach us. Some reach us mildly while other come at us with the fury of a whirlwind, hitting us real hard and expecting us to draw motivation from our circumstances or situations but often we have done all to tackle the effect and nothing to fix the cause.

If you think you don’t qualify to own a house yet, wait till your landlord kicks you out with no place to go or if you think you cannot amount to someone important in your workplace wait till a young adult who has just come in with a master’s degree from the UK employed yesterday become your boss, then the message will begin to sink in. Life is really good at dealing sucker punches but we will be worse than fools if all we do is get angry at the winds and waves as they surge and sweep instead of learning to set our sail and allow the winds to take us to our desired destination without much ado.

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