To Work Better Learn to Shut Down: How to Create a Good Work-Life Balance

Doing your work better and more effectively is not synonymous with working yourself to death. In fact to be on top of your game at your job you need to manage the exchange between work time, rest time and play time. Experts in work-life balance psychology believe there should be a healthy allocation of a person’s time among the three cardinals of work, rest and play/recreation for such individual to be at their best and avoid the risk of breaking down.

Some advise that you divide your 24 hours in a day equally for work, rest and play. While this would be ideal it is nonetheless difficult or close to impossible to strictly adhere to in today’s hustling and bustling world. Especially in Nigeria where the simple issue of commuting to and from work might take up to a precious 2 hours.

Still following the 8-8-8 rule with some flexibility you should have a couple hours a day when you do one or two recreational activities. You should also ensure that you do not deprive yourself of adequate sleep.

Some tips to help you do a better job by managing the three key aspects of your work-life balance;

Take Responsibility for your Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

A few minutes of exercise each morning before dressing for work will make you feel better about yourself. It’s no rocket science to know that you feel better generally when you are better physically. The physical and the emotional are, to some extent, connected.

Taking care of your emotional well being means you also need to keep your friendships alive. Friends and Family are very vital for creating a good balance between work and life. The more you immerse yourself in work as an excuse to keep away from making friends or associating with the ones you have already the greater risk you run in becoming lonely and moody which definitely will affect your work in the long run.

You need to expend the stress accumulated via the workplace by doing other stuff totally non-work related.

Learn to Communicate Better

Some professionals, due to the nature of their work (which involves almost non-interaction with their fellow humans), might find they are no longer able to socialise and interact freely with co-workers and friends alike. If you need to boost your social life one of the things you need to get is the ability to communicate easily with people.

Go out there and start talking to people. Show genuine interest in the well being of your colleagues and friends. Maybe you can start getting out on weekends and honouring those invitations to social gatherings you used to turn down.

Exercise More and Often

Regular exercise is a good stress reliever. Doing regular aerobic exercises will lift your mood, increase your energy and focus and raise your heart rate.

Make the Right Food Choices

If there is one factor that contributes to how you feel it’s the food you eat. What you eat and how you eat are all important considerations. Eat small but frequent meals to maintain your energy levels. Don’t depend on alcohol to reduce job stress as too much could easily result to abuse.

Sleep Sufficiently

This is a no brainer. If you don’t get enough sleep you would be vulnerable to more stress. A well rested worker is more better at maintaining an emotional balance at work. Aim to sleep at least 7 hours each night.

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