Why Wait for Your Employer? 4 Ways to Develop Yourself Professionally While on the Job

Your career success will depend heavily on the time and resources you spend updating your skills and knowledge set in your chosen career field.

For many organisations employees can avail themselves of some opportunities to train and grow their skills however the buck stops with you and your determination to develop yourself professional no matter what your employer does or does not do in that regard.

Developing yourself may appear to have no immediate rewards but you find your improved skills and knowledge will serve you well when you decide its time for a career switch or when a bigger job opportunity comes around. On the job professional growth is something for the ambitious and it is your primary responsibility to ensure you grow as much as you can professionally.

Key Areas of Growth

As you aim to develop even better to do that in an all round manner your overall growth should touch all of the following aspects;

– Work Skills
– Personal Skills/Qualities
– General Skills

Each of these qualities combine to make you a more effective professional. Without one you are deficient in an area. For instance if you are a Human Resource professional with updated work (professional) skills having serious deficiencies in your personal (communication and man-to-man) qualities may still hinder you from advancing professionally.

Ways to Develop Professionally While Still on a Job

Attend Industry Events

If you are in a position to benefit from certain industry events in your field of professional play try to get your employer to sponsor you to a couple of them each year. If that does not happen and you can make out the time and money to attend to one or two go ahead and do it.

The issue of your professional development while it will be of benefit to your employer is primarily of greater good to you. The more competitive you become the better you earn.

Take Online Courses

The increasing popularity of online learning centers as an alternative to traditional learning in physical structures is evident especially in the professional growth sector. Many people who otherwise would not have the time now take several courses a year online to update themselves and learn new skills.

Considering the time and finance factors improving yourself online via reliable online education providers is most times worth the effort. You take advantage of learning via a variety of tools (electronic books, videos, audio/recorded materials, illustrated documents, live streaming etc).

You only have to search for the exact things you want to learn or improve yourself on, the beauty is that you do not need to stop your job or disrupt your work to improve yourself with available online education.

You can opt to read up on smart Hr skills or get help regarding the same from Ush Dhanak and witness your career take a new flight.


While this particular method requires time (which many times you may not have) you can still use volunteering as a strong way to improve yourself professionally. You may have to look at the periods (weekends or holidays) when you have some hours to spare and commit to volunteering in an organisation where you will learn the practical aspects of the kind of professional path you aspire to. For instance if you are interested in developing yourself to become a good web programmer developing a few hours per week to do some job for a local tech hub or meetup is not out of line. I dare say that for some professional goals you may have volunteering is a more practical way to get yourself on the way to acquiring those knowledge and skills.

Get Mentored

A Mentor may not necessarily lead you by the hand or have time for you everyday however the great essence of having a mentor who has achieved some towering heights in the same professional/career path which you are towing or about to tow is that you get to draw insights and insider information from such mentors. Sometimes if the person you approach to become your mentor gets impressed by your growth and focus she would not hesitate to recommend you to people who matter whenever the need arises. After all the Chinese saying goes that a short meeting with a wise man is worth more than reading an entire book.

The ambitious employee or career individual of today does not wait for his bosses to take up the matter of his professional education and development. He understands that the initiative and responsibility lies with him and no one else.

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