Q & A Series: How Do I Secure a Job Before Passing Out as a Youth Corper

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These days it is never enough to start your job search after the mandatory one year national youth service. The nature of the job market demands that young school leavers start to cultivate and nurture their network of valuable professional relationships before they need to get a job.

However if you are reading this and already graduated and probably undergoing your 1 year service to the fatherland it may prove useful to your post- NYSC job search.

A user on our growing job and career forum wanted to know how to secure a job way before he passes out of the one year youth service scheme. Below is our attempt to provide tips on how a graduate undergoing youth service can go about securing a job for himself ahead of time.

Decide What You Want to Do Post NYSC

When I was serving in Ogun state I was shocked to see how many of my fellow youth corpers had no single idea what they wanted to do with their life at the end of their service year. Most adopted the appraoch of taking things as they come. Needless to say, these set of youth corpers found themselves confused on the next steps to take when we had removed the khaki uniform. They stalled on going back home to their parents’ house and mulled over the very few options available to them.

The day you pass out from the 3 weeks camping should be the day you start planning your career moves. Determining what you want to do after your youth service will help shape the kind of activities you get involved in and how you actually spend your service year.

For someone like me who decided way ahead of time to pursue my entrepreneurial interests this decision on what to do post-NYSC helped me limit my involvement in non-essential NYSC activities and focus more on doing stuff that would help me actualise my goals.

Likewise taking a decision on what career paths to pursue will help you focus your efforts better on the things that matter.

Exploit Opportunities in Your Area of Service

Put in a Great Shift at Work

Youth corpers used to be posted to private organisations and companies for their youth service year. If you are one of those posted to a good organisation it is an opportunity to try and create a good impression.

If you distinguish yourself and become a valuable asset to the organisation you are serving in the odds are in your favour to get a look in for a permanent position.

Identify Opportunities Around You

If you are lucky enough to get posted in an urban area with many organisations one can work for don’t let that advantage slip. Begin to identify the organisations in that city that you could work for and start getting any useful information you can about them.

Start Sending Applications Ahead of Time

You do not need to wait till you leave the service year before chcking out the latest job opportunities that match your career interests. Ideally you should start applying for vacancies three months to the end of your service year.

Identify and Apply for Internship Opportunities

Internships are a great way to work your way into a full time job and as a youth corper you should be looking to exploit any internship opportunities in your line of career interests. Apply to as many organisations as possible for an internship (whether advertised or not) and you could be surprised at how many companies/organisations will be willing to give you the opportunity to prove yourself.

Remember being a youth corper is only a time based illusion of gainful employment. The earlier you take up your responisbility of finding your job path the better for you. It is always great stepping from the khaki straight into a job instead of packing back to your parents’ home to start the job search journey.

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