Preparing for Your First Job Interview? Here are Important Things to Consider

Before the Interview

Research the Company

It will be foolhardy going in for an interview with a company and you know next to nothing about the prospective employer. Your chances of scaling the interview first stage will be very slim. I have seen candidates show zero knowledge of the company they are in for an interview with; in most of the occassions when this happened the interviewer(s) rarely feel compelled to continue with the interview. On Ngcareers you can check out reviews of companies submitted by current and former employees. These reviews may give an insight into the work culture of the company

So you see situations when the interviewers merely ask you a few more questions and dismiss you. You wonder why your interview ended so quickly. When interviewers don’t take the time to ask you questions and rather dismiss you too quickly it can only mean one thing – you don’t stand a chance.

Research current Affairs and Trends in your Job Sector

You need to be abreast of developments in your sector of interest. It’s bad not knowing current events in your perceived area of interest. You don’t want to come across as outdated and lacking in current knowledge of what is required in your chosen career path.

Align Your Experience, Skills and Interests

How does your experience, skills and interests align with that of the organisation? If you can answer this your chances of doing better in the interview will improve.

Anticipate likely Questions and find Answers

What sort of questions will be asked for the kind of position for which you will be interviewed? Research online, find people who may have had experience interviewing at the company. Do all you can to have an idea of what sort of interview the company does. The same way you go extra miles preparing to succeed in a crucial examination; that’s what is needed while preparing for an interview for an important job.

Day of Interview

Plan Your Journey to Arrive at Least 10 Minutes Early

Be aware of traffic situations in the area you are scheduled for an interview and plan to leave very early so you are guaranteed to be there at least 10 minutes early. If you end up coming 30 minutes ahead of schedule it still doesn’t hurt. Anything to ensure you don’t coming running into the venue, breathing hard and afraid you may have missed your chance.

Arrange What to Wear the Night Before

Because your appearance is a very important aspect of your interview you should be clear on what to wear the night before and have the clothes ironed neatly and hanging ready for the next morning.

Get Everything You Need Ready and Be Organised

Arrange your documents and ensure nothing that will be requested is missing. I can’t count how many times a candidate has come to sit in an interview I’ve been part of only to start giving excuses when asked for one credential or the other. Don’t paint the picture of an unorganised, careless applicant.

During the Interview

Listen to Questions Carefully and Answer them Concisely

Long answers don’t improve your chances; brief and concise responses that answer what the interviewer’s questions clearly will stand you in good stead.

Highlight Your Best Attributes and Fit for the Job

With your knowledge of what the job requires try to show how your current attributes and skills fit for the job. use any opportunity you have to highlight your best attributes for the job

Pay Attention to the Way You Communicate

How you convey your responses matter as much as what you actually say. Be as clear and calm as possible.

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