Making a Good First Day Impression at Work

If you are taking your first job it can be a first day full of tension and uncertainty as you try to impress both your employer and your new co-workers. For someone with very little work experience starting your first day at work can be a stepping point to a very nice work experience. You definitely will be under some scrutiny.

Proper Etiquette and Manners

Using good manners will help you make a good impression with your boss and also your co-workers. Office etiquette includes everything from the proper way to use email to knowing when, where, and how to use your cell phone while at work.

Say Little and Listen More

When you are new to a workplace the wise mantra will be to shut your trap and listen more. Talking too much will likely make you enemies at the office. Be cordial to everyone at the office; your first few days should be a time to learn what you can about your co-workers and the best ways to relate with them.

Learn Quickly What is Taboo in the Office

When you resume work at your establishment you quickly realise that there may be unwritten taboos or no go areas. It will be in your interest to quickly learn what is frowned upon at the office.

Dress Smart; But Don’t Over-dress

Looking good is a no brainer however don’t be tempted to over dress and make yourself too outlandish in looks. If possible dress to blend in with the general dress tone at the organisation. If everyone is on suits then you put on a nice suit for your first day at work.

Be Courteous to Colleagues

Introduce yourself calmly and courteously to all your new colleagues. Keep your attitude behind as you resume for the first day. Some of your workers are going to have attitude and personality issues so you would do well to note that and keep your relations to everyone civil at first.

Don’t Be Late and Don’t Leave Too Early

On your first day (just like going for an examination) you want to be early and on time to organise your desk and collect your thoughts. Nothing starts a day badly as having to rush in late and sweating when everybody is at their desk.

Leaving early also might create bad impressions about your work ethic. Better to be among the early comers and try to leave along with everyone else or just behind them.

These tips may not make you become an instant hit at your new workplace but they will help you start off your new work on a great note and with minimum issues.

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