Surveyors advised to tap into new opportunities

In the face of a fast changing economy, surveyors have been charged to discover new areas of opportunities in addition to their profession as a way of surviving.

Some professionals in the field of surveying were of the opinion that aside the primary duty of determining and verifying boundaries of properties and other related services; a surveyor could also venture into other line of business for sustenance.

At the 2013 professional development seminar organised by the Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria, a subgroup of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors, Lagos Branch, members were urged to learn new skills in other fields.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Diversification for sustainability in a fast evolving economy’, the Managing Consultant, Projektlink Konsult Limited, Mr. Adetunji Adepeju, said surveyors could diversify into other business areas, including investment in shares, property, small businesses and farming.

“Growing your money is just as important as earning it. It is your obligation to learn and develop skills to manage your earnings. Work hard to earn money but be sure to have plans to keep and grow it,” he said.

Adepeju added that every surveyor must strive to be financially independent by acquiring skills and education in new fields in order to add value to the business.

The Chairman of the association, Mr. Adeleke Adesina, said the topic was chosen to expose members to a broad perspective of the future of the economy and opportunities to tap from.

He said, “To describe inflation in this country over four decades ago as hyper hybrid is to say the least. Our physician, ‘the economist’, had prescribed so many drugs to cure this cankerworm ravaging our economy to no avail.

“Some of the drugs prescribed and used are austerity measure, structural adjustment programme, national re-orientation, re-denomination of our currency, and presently, the cash-less policy. All these drugs have been used, yet the disease looks incurable.

“After the global economic meltdown comes the climate change. The wise says to change the world starts with hanging a family. If we can by this lecture change our own future, then we can change the world.”

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