NIPP plants: Investors call for extension of June 2014 handover date

The timeline for the handover of the National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP), plants to private investors slated for June 2014, may be shifted following agitations by some bidders to have the date shifted. The Managing Director of Niger Delta Power Holding Company, NDPHC, Engr.

James Olotu, told journalists at the sidelines of the bidders’ conference yesterday in Abuja, that many bidders are calling for extension of the handover date. “We have timeline that by June next year all the power plants will be handed over but investors have been calling for extension.

From their presentation, it sounds as if they may not be able to be through by June next year,” he disclosed. He however assured that no power plant will be handed over without due completion in the manner stated in the contract, stressing that “every power plant will be fit for purpose in line with how the contract is designed”.

Also, NDPHC disclosed that the current gas evacuation risks may hinder the ongoing power plants from meeting the proposed takeover deadline of June 2014. NDPHC while briefing the pre–qualified bidders and stakeholders on the projects explained that, of the 10 NIPPs, Egbema, Calabar, Omoku, and Gbarain Generation companies (Gencos) are currently having gas evacuation risks, a situation that is being managed by the NDPHC. Egbema Genco is situated near Owerri in Imo State expected to generate 381 megawatts of electricity capacity on completion.

It is an Open Cycle Gas Turbine plant with provisions for future conversion to Combined Cycle Gas Turbine. Spokesperson for the NDPHC, Mr. Louis Edozie said, “We have five power stations with four in operation, Sapele, Ihovbor, Olorunsogo, Omotosho and Geregu.

We have a total capacity of 2000mw as we speak and more are expected in due course from Calabar, Gbarain, Alaoji, Omoku and Egbema.” The completed power plants so far are, Olorunsogo II with 754mw generation capacity in Ogun state, Geregu II having 506mw in Kogi state, the 513mw Omotosho II plant in Ondo state, Ihovbor (Benin) plant with 451mw in Edo state, and Sapele II 508mw in Delta state. Others awaiting completion are Omoku II with 265mw in Rivers state, the 1,131mw Alaoji power plant in Abia state, Calabar 634mw in Cross River, Gbarain 254mw in Bayelsa, and Egbema 381mw in Imo states, are still having issues of varying gas evacuation risks with the latter having a maximum evacuation risk.

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