Career Opportunities for Banking and Finance Graduates in Nigeria

A good chunk of graduates from Nigeria’s higher institutions in management sciences every year major in Banking and Finance. This article looks at the possibilities and opportunities for careers in Banking and Finance.

What is Banking and Finance?

Banking and finance is a broad discipline cutting across finance, economy and banking. Studying Banking and Finance in Nigeria means the graduate gets to understand the financial aspects of running business organisations with an emphasis on such organisations in the financial services world which means banks and also insurance companies to a lesser extent.

Doing well in Banking and Finance related career will mean some aptitude with numbers.

Possibilities for a Career in Banking and Finance

It is possible for graduates from other disciplines such as Engineering, Statistics, Businees Management etc to veer into a career in Banking and Finance. Pursuing a fruitful career in Banking and Finance is by no means restricted to only graduates of the discipline.

There are several career paths open to graduates of Banking and Finance. These may include;

Financial Analysis – (banks, financial advisory/consulting organisations etc)
Risk Assessment and Compliance(Insurance companies etc)
Asset Management
Business Management
Retail Banking
Investment Banking
Fund Management
Corporate Law
Securities Trading

Banking and Finance Graduates can work in a host of finance related organisations and are also very relevant in the management and finance side of things in virtually any small and medium sized organisation.

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