Conserving your iPhone, iPad battery life

Enterprises, government and business owners love the iPhone and ipad because of its back-end management and security features.

Apple is a big name in itself in the electronic device manufacturing companies. The users always expect a lot from each and every Apple device. The looks, style and class provided by these Apple gadgets are just awesome. So the users always find it full with satisfaction that they are having the Apple device in their pocket. Same is the case with the Apple iPads. There are numerous Apple iPad deals on which the users are visiting in huge numbers and compare and order a lot to get this amazing Apple gadget.

The expectations of the users can be guessed by knowing the fact that they are so excited with the features of this iPad that in order to get this gadget they are pre-registering their orders. Though they are knowing that they will have to wait for the device for some time after paying for it in advance, they are satisfied with the thought that finally they will have this most demanded device. Users can go for various Apple iPad contract deals in order to get this device. The features are so much updated with the latest technology that it is a great option for the users to go for the Apple Deals.

However, one thing that can hinder you from enjoying your valuable devices is the battery life. To get the most time out of your iPhone/iPad battery, you have to properly manage it and its enabled services and features on your device to make sure you get the most life out of your battery. In fact, you may need to sacrifi ce some features to use the device a little longer.

Here are some tips to stay fi rmly in charge of your devices battery.

* Place device in airplane mode when not in use

In situations when you are not using your iPhone to make or receive calls, or not using it to browse the Internet, you should place it into airplane mode. Do this especially when you are in an area where no wireless signal is available or when boarding an airplane that is not equipped with Wi- Fi as your iOS device will expend a lot of power continuously looking for a wireless signal.

* Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

If you have no Bluetooth devices (such as a headset or wireless speakers) connected to your iPhone or iPad, turn off the Bluetooth feature. To do this, launch Settings, tap the Bluetooth option, and then turn the virtual switch for the Bluetooth option to the off position. If you have a Bluetooth device paired with your device that you know you won’t be using for a while, turning off Bluetooth on your phone or tablet is another way to conserve battery life.

* Don’t rely too heavily on the Internet

Connecting your iPhone or iPad to the Internet requires a lot of power, particularly when using a cellular data connection. To extend your device’s battery life, refrain from surfi ng the Internet too much, using Safari or continuously checking your email account(s) with the Mail app. If possible, connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

* Turn off the vibrate feature

The iPhone’s vibrate feature that activates for incoming calls, text messages, and notifi cations, should be turned off to conserve battery life.

* Don’t use the built-In speakers

Using the iPhone or iPad’s built-in speakers to play audio uses more battery power than plugging corded headphones into the device. Likewise, on the iPhone, avoid using the Speakerphone option when engaged in a phone call.

* Reduce reliance on the Maps, Weather and Stocks Apps

The Maps, Weather, and Stocks apps are examples of apps that heavily use the Internet in order to function. Since excessive Internet usage drains battery life faster, shutting down these apps when conserving battery power is important.

* Keep conversations short

Keep your phone conversations short since talking on the phone is one of the quickest ways to deplete battery life. If you’re using Skype on your iOS mobile device, it will drain the battery faster because heavy Internet usage is required.

In summary, for many people on the go, fi nding someplace to plug in your iPhone or iPad to charge it can be a challenge. Having your charger cords at home, offi ces and in the car is just smart in case your battery runs low or dies, you can easily charge it. Conserving your iPad / IPhone batteries is key for you to always stay in touch and be productive in your businesses anywhere you are without losing track of your customers.

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