New to Nigeria? Things to Know About Securing a Job as a Returnee Nigerian

What You Need to Know About the Nigerian Labour Market as a Returnee Seeking to Kickstart Your Career

The country is certainly not for the faint hearted; the citizens living within the country will tell you that much. For so many down here it sounds crazy that a fellow Nigerian would contemplate leaving the better conditions in their European or American base to come down here and join in the ‘ever worsening jungle race’

So if you are a returning Nigerian primary on your mind could be getting a decent job and settling down to build a career. Some harsh realities will help you steel yourself and prepare for a potentially rough ride on the way to getting a decent job;

The Real Well Paying Jobs Are Not Easy to Come By

As someone coming back from a sojourn of years abroad probably in a country where the economy is far better off and the average better good enough to take one home you have to be prepared for lots of low paying work and very few jobs that can match the expectations of your lofty certificates. Knowing this will help you set in motion ideas on how to get hold of a pretty decent job even before you board the plane down to Africa’s most populous country.

Your Educational Qualifications May Not Mean Much

How many times have we come across a completely dejected and angry Nigerian who came back home armed with several degree level and post graduate educational qualifications from some fine European or US colleges thinking they would work right into a job paying 8 figures per annum? Boy do they get shocked and confused when they realise things are actually tougher than that!

Depending on your educational qualifications alone will not cut it for you. Start your networking and try to build up useful connections along the industry of your interest.

Some Otherwise Basic Things Are Luxuries Here

You spent years in an European country and took stuff like electricity, trains, good roads etc for granted. Welcome home to Nigeria where having steady electricity is a huge luxury and only happens because you can afford a stand-by, costly-to-maintain generating set.

The Job Market is Crowded: You Are Not Alone

Don’t ever think your qualifications stand you apart; No sir, they don’t. There are millions of graduates, trained here and in various schools abroad so you have good company.

Your Accent Can Be a Hindrance

Good thing you have acquired a decent accent from your overseas sojourn but you might want to speak clearly and with less accent. If people feel your ‘oyibo formings’ are too much you could find assistance hard to come by. Weird it sounds!

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