How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise and Get it

more-salary-at-workAsking for more is not always easy in working environment, doing it wrong can send the wrong signal and might cost you your work. The difficulty lies in asking, knowing when to ask, how to ask and how to get the raise. Why not just walk up to your boss and say I need a raise? Simple, right? But it actually goes beyond that. Imagine if you are a boss and one morning your employee walks into your office and demands for a raise, what will come to your mind at first? You would first think what he/she is up to, then why he/she is asking, whether they deserve it and if they are still dedicated to working with you. Asking for a raise can put you in trouble if you do it wrongly.

So how do you go about getting a raise?

Don’t tell your boss you need a raise
Your boss won’t be interested to know you need a raise. He/she does not care what your financial needs are or whether you have a debt you need to pay. Your boss can only consider a raise because of your abilities and accomplishments not any other thing expect in some circumstances, even at that it all boils down to how important you are to the company and how much you have contributed to its success. So before you think of telling your boss you need a raise, think of what value you are to the organization. You should deserve a raise based on your contributions not based on your personal problems.

Let your boss know of your achievements regularly.
Find a way to inform your boss of your achievements in terms of goals attained or targets reached, this way he/she will see the value you are adding to the company. You could do this weekly or monthly either through emails or any other convenient means. However, make sure you don’t make it up or do it too often.

Sign up for the worst project/task at work and succeed at it
There are always tasks or projects nobody wants to handle, it could be a difficult client, complicated task or a boring task. Take up the task or project and do well at it. Those tasks people shy away from could be very important to company, doing it very well can put you in limelight and change your career for good.

Know what the industry pays for your type of job
Try and find out facts and figures showing what the market rate is for your job title, you stand a much better chance of getting a raise than just going in blind. This can also keep you from overselling – or underselling – yourself.

Pay attention to your company’s performance evaluation system
If your firm does annual reviews, be aware of what you will be graded on, and be sure to succeed at each task. Basically, you need to do what your boss thinks is important, not what you think is important. All too many employees fail to understand that distinction.

Ask at the right time
Asking for a raise at the wrong time will boomerang. You should not ask when your boss is moody or the day your company lost a client. To increase your chances of getting the raise, you should ask at the right time. You could ask during your company’s dinner/party (if you company organizes party for all employees annually, quarterly or monthly) or when something good has happened

Get another job offer
This is a risky move and should be your last option. You could potentially get more money at your current job if you have a job offer in hand from another company. But this depends on how important you are and what value you give to your company. However, this option could be dangerous, in some cases, your employer may wish you good luck, and not match or exceed the offer. In others, you might get the raise, but your boss may view you as disloyal. So do not try this unless you are ready to jump ship.

Asking for a raise is not easy, before you think of asking do the right thing first by making more for your company.

What are your experiences in asking for a raise? Share your thoughts below.

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