Standard Chartered Bank Graduate Jobs: 2013 Consumer Bank Fast Track Programme

standard chartered bankStandard Chartered Bank is one of the standing banking institutions in Nigeria and recently announced a 12-month Consumer Bank Fast Track Programme aimed at nurturing the capabilities of graduates who seek a career in world class banking.

See below more information on the programme as obtained from the Standard Chartered Bank website

Graduate jobs in banking

Our Consumer Bank is the pulse of the economy. Working at the frontline, we help our customers through some of life’s most important phases, while continually shaping the future of banking.

Every day, we ensure that the borrowing, wealth management and daily banking needs of 13 million customers worldwide are met through a full suite of innovative products and services.

About the programme

The 12-month Consumer Bank Fast Track Programme (18 months in certain markets) is an accelerated programme that aims to nurture your capabilities towards a career as a world-class banker.

From the front lines of sales and service, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge required to be the face of Standard Chartered, enabling you to build strong relationships with our customers to grow their wealth and meet their banking needs.

Perform and shine in a key revenue generating role with one of our most valued business lines targeted at the high value client segments.

Is this the right programme for you? Explore You:

Are you great at nurturing relationships?

Do you want to be at the centre of your customers’ world, helping them with some of life’s most important moments?

Is your career about more than just the money?

What you will be exposed to

Role rotations in different business areas, enabling you to gain firsthand experience of how our Consumer Bank works and where your strengths are best suited.
An experiential learning programme comprising an induction and an academic programme, designed to provide you with a theoretical understanding of different aspects of retail banking in line with your role rotations.
Extensive management support from senior managers and key stakeholders, which includes opportunities to build important networks and improve your strategic understanding of our business.
The broad timeframe ensures you have the flexibility to explore the different career paths that are available through the programme, while allowing you to develop at your own pace and in line with our business needs.


The programme is comprised of a number of job rotations to provide you with an end-to-end understanding of retail banking. Rotation length may vary depending what country you’re in.

Rotation 1 – Country Induction & Day 1 Readiness Programme

You’ll be provided with an overview of Credit and Products, and given basic training on sales skills, customer service management, and relationship management

Rotation 2 – Branch Sales and Operations (approximately four months)

You’ll gain an understanding of the processes and systems that underpin your branch’s operations, while focusing on improving service, productivity and quality.

Rotation 3 – Business Management (approximately eight months)

You’ll develop key relationship management skills and knowledge, including sales management, segmentation and profiling, competitor knowledge, and data conversion and reporting, that will allow you to develop bespoke solutions for our customers.


Right from the start, you’ll undertake a comprehensive learning programme designed to provide you with a firm foundation for completing your role rotations.

Our Day One Readiness programme allows you to tackle real challenges and devise practical solutions in a simulated branch environment. You’ll learn the skills you need to be competent and confident right from the start.

Throughout your rotations, you’ll also participate in a series of Masterclasses, training clinics, business updates and team meetings to ensure you are adequately equipped to perform your roles.
You will also have access to e-learning modules covering diverse topics ranging from portfolio planning and prospecting through to contract strategies and negotiation.

Management support

The Graduate Development Manager and Rotation Manager will oversee your moves through the different parts of the business. You will also be supported by your programme sponsor, a senior manager from our Consumer Bank, who will provide you with advice and insights into how you can accelerate your career development and performance.

The programme is available in many countries where the Standard Chartered Bank group operates. The African countries where the programme is available includes; Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe.

Application and requirements

The breadth of our work means there is a role to suit everyone. Find out what we’re looking for and learn more about the application process.

Qualities for success

Your ambition is to become a successful, world-class banker. You have a winning mindset and are constantly driven to meet and exceed targets. You balance your ambition with a keen commitment to always do the right thing for our customers. You see things from their perspective, are able to put yourself in their shoes, and will go the extra mile to make sure their needs are taken care of. You’re independent but a great team player, have excellent mathematical skills and are a great communicator.

If you possess these qualities, you will find that our Consumer Bank Fast Track Programme is a challenging, stimulating and, above all, rewarding experience. Fast-track your career with us, and help us deliver the growth for our customers across our global markets.

Entry requirements

An undergraduate degree, any discipline
The legal right to work in the country for which you are applying
Fluency in English; a second language is considered beneficial

Application processs

1. Online registration

The first step is to register online, providing basic information about yourself.

2. Online assessments and application

Once you’ve registered, you will be invited to complete a series of online assessments.

The abstract and numerical reasoning tests are administered together. They are timed assessments and you will need to complete these tests in order to progress with your application.

Abstract reasoning test

This assessment measures your abstract reasoning abilities, which are important when solving problems and analysing information.

Numerical reasoning test

This assessment measures your numerical reasoning abilities in a business context, such as tables and charts typically found in reports and the financial press.


Following the completion of the abstract and numerical reasoning tests, you’ll then be asked to complete the online application form, providing additional information such as your academic history, work experience and attaching your CV/Resume. Upon submission of this, your application form and results will be reviewed. We aim to advise you as soon as possible of your application status; generally this is within two days however this may take longer during peak application times.

Work-related strengths questionnaire

If you are successful after review of your application and assessment results, you will be invited to complete a work-related strengths questionnaire. This assessment examines your personal preferences and the strengths, helping us to understand where you are likely to thrive.

Please note: We employ a policy of re-testing. This means we may require you to repeat any or all of our online assessments should you progress to a later stage of the application process.

3. Telephone interview

On review of your academic education, experiences and assessment results, a decision to proceed to interview will be made and an opportunity to participate in a telephone interview may be extended. This interview is your opportunity to tell us about your achievements and strengths, and for you to ask us any questions you may have.

4. Final assessments

Following the telephone interview, selected applicants will be invited to take part in various assessments designed to further determine your suitability for the programme.

Role play exercise

You will be asked to participate in a role-play exercise that requires you to interact with a customer or colleague. This will give you the opportunity to display your customer service and communication skills.

Final interview

During the final interview, you will be asked a series of challenging questions about yourself, the Bank, and your reasons for joining the Consumer Bank Fast Track Programme.

5. Final decision

Once the interview process is complete, we will inform you of our decision, typically within 72 hours

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