10 Possible Reasons Why You Failed That Interview

If you have attended dozens of interviews and yet don’t get called with a job offer it can only mean that you either failed the interviews or some people actually performed and appeared better than you. There are many things you could do in a job interview to decrease your chances of being considered for the job.

Here we showcase the important reasons why people end up not being considered for a position after interviews. Most times failing an interview is not because of one of the below reasons but due to the candidate being found guilty of two or more of these reasons.

1. Arriving Late

Nothing gives a bad impression to your interviewers as having to keep them waiting or coming late. Coming late means you are always going to meet an unhappy interview crew. You don’t want your interview starting on a wrong note because you came late.

2. Poor Looks

If you arrive at an interview wearing rough clothes, smelling foul or looking unprofessional you will likely be at a disadvantage when being considered for the position.

3. Zero Knowledge of the Job

Many times I encounter candidates who do not have any knowledge of the job they came to interview for. Not knowing the requirements or the details of the job shows you in a very bad light. If you have not taken the time to understand what the job entails before appearing before the interview it shows you are not ready for the job.

4. Constantly Interrupting the Interviewer(s)

It’s a bad habit to interrupt the interviewers and could be a reason for the interviewing panel to dislike you.

5. Appearing Desperate

While you should show sufficient desire for the job you should never look like it’s the only thing that can save your life. By all means demonstrate your ability and eagerness to do the job if considered and leave it at that.

6. Not Enough Interest in the Job

This requires no elaboration that if the employer feels you don’t have enough passion or interest for the job you are not going to stand a chance.

7. Lack of Awareness About the Company

Your basic interview preparation should include finding out about the company and the role. The biggest interview killer is asking the employer “So what do you people do exactly?”

8. Lack of preparation

Not preparing well for an interview is a major reason for not doing well. You have to anticipate the technical and personal questions that each interviewer will most likely ask. Specifically, relate experiences you have had to the skills and personality attributes being questioned. Be prepared to answer questions with specific examples of your strengths and accomplishments.

9. Negativity

It’s bad practice to criticise your former boss, position and company. You can “re-frame” your job frustration by talking about your desire to contribute more, participate on a team or assume greater challenges. It’s important to keep your comments and attitude positive during the interview especially as it relates to your current or former company, boss or co-workers.

10. Lying

If you ever lie to your interviewers be it about your age or your response to any question you are in other words trying to tell them you cannot be trusted with the job. If the employer discovers you are lying it is one of the surest ways to fail the interview and not be considered for the job.

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