5 Signs You Need a Job Change

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The truth is there is hardly a perfect job for anyone. The myth of the dream job continues to be what it is – a fairy tale. Every job comes with its challenges and pain points; it could be the pay which you always pray should improve or the fact that you have a boss who cannot stop being a pain in the ass. So the fact is that most people remain in a job either because the positives outweight the negatives for them or simply because there are no much options out there to choose from.

However coping with the challenges of a job has its limits. The unsavoury aspects of your job could get to the point where you beging to feel the need to quit. Just when is it time to leave your job and move on in search of better things. We explore below signs to know when you should quit that job and look for something more fulfilling to do with your life. Note that these are just signs that you have overstayed in a job and can differ from person to person depending on an individual’s ambitions/goals and endurance levels.

1. You Find It Difficult to Prepare for Work Each Morning

You are obviously not sick or suffering from any physical handicap yet you literally struggle to pull yourself out of the bed each morning and get dressed for work. Your motivation level for the work is at ground level zero and it is all you can do to shuffle in to the office every morning.

One of the most precious things we have in life is our time. If your time is spent forcing yourself to spend 8 hours or more doing a job where your whole being would rather be doing something else then it’s time to really sit yourself down and weigh your options. Do you really want to get on like that? No matter how difficult and unexciting your job is if you no longer have the slightest motivation to get to work everyday it’s probably a sign to call it quits.

Just be sure you plan your exit way ahead of time.

2. Your Boss is Totally Against You and Out to Fry Your Ass

A certain banker was barely two years into a job when a new manager came and began to like her. She turned down his several advances and that was the beginning of working hell for her. Work turned from okay to horrendous (few things are worse than having to contend with an angry and lusty boss).

Your boss could become a monster for several reasons apart from sexual ones. Both of you could develop hatred for each other for tangible and non-tangible reasons and the boss is determined to have you disgraced.

If your boss has enough powers to make life miserable for you at the office then you should probably plan and (that’s right) quit.

3. You Are Being Harassed/Mistreated or Taken Advantage

This is a no brainer but obviously the fear of being unemployment means many employees sit tight in their workplaces and endure some form of mistreatment or harassment. Well, this depends on your personal conviction not to be treated less than you deserve. If the harassment or mistreatment becomes an issue that troubles your mind then it’s time to move on.

4. Your Real Career Desire is Tearing You Apart

A friend who works in a bank one day decided to let me know she couldn’t continue working as a banker anymore. When I asked why she wanted to quit her job she replied,”I’ve always dreamed and wanted to work in community services and human development oriented settings and I feel the years are going by without me achieving my aim”

She got to tell herself to go for her dreams rather than make do with her bank job. She knew that leaving her banker job and going to work for an NGO would mean a lesser paycheck but she was determined to follow through and do something more fulfilling for herself.

If you feel too strongly that you are in the wrong career path draw up a plan to change into that which you desire.

5. The Next Paycheck is as Unsure as the Weather

Sometimes you just have to quickly find another job and leave when it becomes obvious that the organisation you are all riding on is headed for a disastrous crash. If you are regularly owed months of salaries with no signs of improvement or hope in sight you should be making the jump.

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