Craziest Job Resignation Stunts by Employees and The Most Spectacular Ways to Quit Your Job

Everyday people either get sacked from work or resign due to a variety of reasons. While there is a standard and generally followed procedure for resigning a job appointment some choose to resign in hilarious and inventive ways.

Here are some of the most unique and craziest job resignation acts done by employees. They range from the creative to the downright hilarious.

1. Sherwood Anderson Recommends to Employer to Fire Himself

Before he became a successful novelist Sherwood Anderson worked as a copywriter in Chicago-based advertising agency Taylor Critchfield Co.

He was a man of humour and wit and so this reflected in the resignation letter he wrote after he decided to leave his copywriting job and pursue his dreams of creative fiction writing.

Here’s the letter below

Dear Barton:

You have a man in your employ that I have thought for a long time should be fired. I refer to Sherwood Anderson. He is a fellow of a good deal of ability, but for a long time I have been convinced that his heart is not in his work.

There is no question but that this man Anderson has in some ways been an ornament to our organization. His hair, for one thing, being long and messy gives an artistic carelessness to his personal appearance that somewhat impresses such men as Frank Lloyd Wright and Mr. Curtiniez of Kalamazoo when they come into the office.

But Anderson is not really productive. As I have said his heart is not in his work. I think he should be fired and if you will not do the job I should like permission to fire him myself. I therefore suggest that Anderson be asked to sever his connections with the company on [the first of next week]. He is a nice fellow. We will let him down easy but let’s can him.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherwood Anderson

2. Published Resignation in a Newspaper

A former worker at global investment bank Goldman Sachs Greg Smith published his resignation on the widely read New York Times. The resignation letter was headlined as ‘Why I’m Leaving Goldman Sachs’ He wrote that he was leaving because of the ‘toxic and destructive’ environment at the company.

Imagine publishing your resignation letter on Vanguard!! and telling everyone why you are leaving your job.

3. Resignation Letter on Iced Cake

iced cake resignation letterChris Holmes was a cake maker on the side and had never written so much words on a cake until he crafted his resignation letter for his former employers Stansted Airport on top an iced cake for over two hours.

Chris said: “I think my colleagues enjoyed the sentiment – but they were reluctant to cut into it.

“It’s definitely the most text I’ve had to put on a cake – it’s a bit scrawly! I wasn’t expecting it to get so much publicity.

“I had to delete a couple of words as I was going along to get it right but it wasn’t too bad.”

4. Quit on Youtube

After discovering he could make it as a comedian based on his Youtube success Kevin Nalty was a consumer product director at Merck Pharmaceuticals

5. Hack Your Own Computer

If you are a programmer and intend leaving your current company what other better way than to hack out a resignation program (funny eh?). An unnamed disgruntled employee left this on the screen of his Mac computer at work. It was his own way of resigning.
hack resignation on computer

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